Monday, April 18

Punch needle botanical pansy & grape hyacinth

Pansies make me smile!
No two faces are the same~
Finished two more botanical punch needle pieces over the weekend
I have several pansy designs in punch needle~
I will be writing those patterns soon!

Our grape hyacinths are a bit behind this year~
The cold snap and late snows have them taking their time!

As the days continue to warm and April showers sprinkle down...
Gardens will be bursting with blossoms soon!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Saturday, April 16

Punch needle projects

Hi Friends!
I hope your Saturday is off to a sunny start!
We have escaped the cold snap that kept bringing snow~
Each day this week has been getting a little warmer...
Today & tomorrow are expected to share high 60's!

I don't fuss in the gardens much before the end of April~
We can be blanketed with frost through early May.
So I have been Spring cleaning in the studio!
We close it up during the winter months as it is a small sun-porch.
It was not insulated to be part of the house.
Insulation will be added when we have a new roof put on~
Oh the fun to be able to enjoy it all year!

I have been adding to my punch needle pattern collection~
Little bit of Spring...
Little bit of Fall...
Flowers and bunnies....

Bees will be humming soon...
I'm sure I will still be punching new works~
They will be inspired by the garden!

In the studio now~
Two more botanical pieces! They are number 4 & 5 of 20 in the collection.

Hope your Spring days are filled with sunshine & just enough rain~
Wishing your hearts joy!

Friday, April 1

Little Sparrows... little Starlings~

How beautiful to witness a Starling murmuration~ 
Hundreds of birds lyrically moving through the sky!
(I think they each have something to say...)

Swarms of birds dancing through the sky~
"You are loved!"

Lyrically swaying from side to side, "Toss in some seeds this year!"

Swooping down & sharing their joy!

How beautiful these spontaneous waves of flight are~

April is going to bring us some  s n o w . . . 
The birds may need some woolens!
That's okay~
The days are growing longer!

A little flower girl...

Hope your Friday is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!