Wednesday, October 30

Wool Hooked Rugs

"Dance of the Harvest Crows"  copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

Hello, Friends!
Hope you have been enjoying beautiful Autumn days~
Praying for all affected by the California fires.
Hope they are contained and end quickly.
Prayers for safety.

I finally found my little book of passwords!
That is why I have been away~ I couldn't log on.
It is good to tidy the studio...
It is not good to reorganize the studio.
My mind is not good at remembering 'the better spot anymore'

Dance of the Harvest Crows is one of my most recent rugs.
I love to see crows perched on sunflower heads~
Dancing with delight at the meal they have before them!
I tucked apple trees in the corners.

"Orchard Santa" copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

This jolly old fella looks to have his rain coat on!
Early American Belsnickel's had variety of coats~
He scooped up a basket of apples that had fallen from the tree
when he collected the hive from the orchard.
The skep will winter in the outer-barn where it will be
protected from harsh winter winds.

Just a few doors down, a vegetable stand had harvested the most
beautiful painted corn! Flint corn, Indian corn, Calico corn...
I was taking photographs of several different subjects
on the same sunny day~
The colorful corn had been set next to my hooked rug...
Aren't those blue, black, periwinkle, olive, taupe, umber,
plum, maroon and salmon kernels beautiful?
A pretty side by side.

We have two craft & fabric thrift shops in our area.
The stores are brimming with donated supplies. The proceeds are
used to support, care for and educate the local community.

Orchard Santa's background is a remnant from one of the shops.
It is a little bit thinner than wool milled specifically for rug hooking.
The results came as a complete surprise to me!

Here you can see the original patch of wool
next to a small hooked sample,#8 cut loops.
I wash all wool before adding it to my existing stash.
Making sure it is clean and clear of any unwanted clothes moths
or carpet beetles. I make a sample patch of the plaids and textures.

The wool looks different when it it is hooked in curvy lines!
Since this was a fabric remnant, we don't know how old it is.
I have searched the web for it~ I have not found a source.

The wool in the image below is currently available from Dorr Mill Store.
My friend Caryn shared the photograph with me.
It looks to be similar~

Autumn is golden~
Wishing your hearts joy!