Wednesday, August 31

Songbirds in color...


Feathered friends in full color on natural muslin!
Some of the designs are on a darker~ tea stained muslin.

I selected several friends from my original watercolors...
Printed them onto Strathmore brand transfer paper...

I couldn't resist adding a few pen and ink details!

They can be framed, used as quilt pieces...
Little patches to add to fabric purses~
Oh the fun!

My sweetest Wren friend perched next to a
basket of Forget Me Nots~

Sweet Chamomile surrounded this Purple Finch...
He is from one of my original watercolors selected for
the 2012 Outside My Window calendar!

Thank you for so many sweet comments!
~Artists love to bring joy to others~
You bring joy to me!

Tuesday, August 30


Little owl faces that sit in our white pine tree at night~
Well, at least my interpretation...

We have not been able to see the owl that
shares a long story with us from time to time.
There is a little round profile...
A silhouette against the moonlit sky.

We've been checking his song to samples to identify.
I'm convinced it is a rare, storybook owl.
The little friend that lives inside my children's stories~

Hope your day is filled with wonder!

Sunday, August 28

Outside My Window Calendar 2012

"Outside My Window 2012"
A little peek at my new calendar!
Artist samples arrived last week and local shops
have started selling them already!

I have not purchased any of these to offer for resale...
...I hope to in the years to come.
Most of our friends and family purchase them from
shops that carry Legacy products or Ebay.

I have my 2014 designs all sketched and ready to paint...

Little feathered friends at our feeders have been
holding on tight with these hurricane edge winds!
We're praying for all that are affected by Irene.

This image is April!
My birthday month... and favorite flow blue~
I set one of my pins next to the calendar page
to show you which original watercolor I worked from!

These boxed Christmas cards are also from Legacy...
I love how they bring my watercolors to product!

Another box of cards... and this is the December image
for the 2012 calendar, too!

Hope you have a wonderful evening~
Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, August 25

Quilt Labels...

When I saw this piece of fabric I fell in love!
I didn't know they were quilt labels...
They are the most beautiful vintage frames...
Just waiting for empty spaces to be filled!

The fabric frames so beautifully...

I'm thankful for the piece I found...
I have been searching for more~

The local quilt shops had a few labels...
They are Christmas theme!
They had never seen this fabric pattern.

This music frame was perfect for a songbird friend...

I'm still working on a few special orders...

We're enjoying the last few weeks of summer~
School will begin in two weeks...
That is when I will begin working on my watercolor calendars!
Deadlines this fall for the year 2014!
I will share pictures of my 2012 calendars in my next post.
The samples arrived last week and warmed my heart.

Hope your August days are sunny and peaceful~
Wishing you every joy!

Friday, August 19

Pins & Purse Patches from Originals...

Summer is a great time to play!
I love having our children home from school~
Alaina LOVES to try new art materials...
She is the courage in my designs!

(I hope you have stopped by her NEW BLOG)

These pins are made from my original watercolors!
There are several transfer materials on the market...
Strathmore allows the fabric to feel natural, soft and washable!
Use with Ink Jet printers... permanent and vibrant~

I printed the images onto the transfer paper...
Ironed the image onto muslin, linen etc.
Washed the little pictures in Tide...
Pressed them...
And then HAND stitched each piece!

I treasure every hand sewn, machine sewn piece I own...
People who love to stitch~ you're amazing!
Not my strength... but I love the folk, prim look of these~

The little print is stitched to a beautiful piece of color fabric...
Then I stitched them to a piece of wool felt...
Then I stitched a piece of natural muslin to the back...
(to cover up my messy work...)
Stitched a pin in place and hand signed them!

These sweet purse pins will be in my Etsy Shop... tonight!
Hope your day is perfect!

Tuesday, August 16

Surprise Giveaway on our daughter's blog!

Please stop by Avery Hill Art for a sweet journey
into our daughter's kind heart!
Alaina has started her own blog and
she is having having her first giveaway!
A sweet little something she made and one of my
small 2012 Outside My Window calenders!

Please visit her adorable Etsy Shop named Avery Hill...

Little peeks of my 2012 calendar...
If you post about HER BLOG giveaway on your blog~
Your name will be put in a special bucket
for a chance to win my signed calendar!

We're hoping oodles of folks will find her blog & Etsy!

Time passes so quickly...
Alaina will be 18 in less than a month~
She has been working on her college portfolio all
summer and making these adorable Canvas Button Cards.

Collecting buttons since she was in elementary school~
There are a lot to share!

Thank you for sharing her blog~
Wishing you joy!

Tuesday, August 2

Drawings from Nature...

I'm so tickled to show you this GORGEOUS original
painting by Eileen Postlethwaite!
"Milly" had a giveaway on her blog~
I had left a comment... and I won!
Please stop by and say hello to Milly...
You will be inspired!

Milly takes walks...
Collects the most beautiful treasures...

Brings them to life again with her creative touch!

Milly has an Etsy shop, too!

"A picture is a poem without words"

My heart has been a little heavy with
thoughts of mom~
The miles between us...

There are many miles between Milly and I...
Yet she seems to live, just 'round the corner!
When I opened her package my
heart danced with delight!

I hope you have a moment to visit her blog~
Such a joy!
Wishing each of you sweet surprises!