Friday, February 25

Here a bunny... there a bunny...

Dressed up bunnies!
With every snow storm I seem to become a little
more determined to rush spring~
We have enjoyed a little bunny friend all winter.
Our furry visitor lives near our garden compost...
Beneath the Forsythia shrubs~

Carrot ends, celery bases, cores... rinds...
All tasty snacks that we toss out a back window
to share while the winter winds continue to cover.
Our friendly rabbit will visit our gardens...
As long as I plant enough~ we can share!

My Etsy store is brimming with little faces! least one tidy spot!
My studio has been a disaster for weeks as I have
been researching, painting, mixed media, carving...
A touch of mad-scientist in my blood~

Hope your weekend is perfect... and a bit messy, too!

Sunday, February 20

Little Feathered Friends in Dresses...

These sweet little girls are in my Etsy store...
All dressed in little spring dresses!
I remember getting a new dress each Easter~
This little tomboy would clean up for one day each year!
Mom would dress my sister and I like twins.
(She is four years older than me)
Tall, thin... olive skin... hazel eyes...
My chubby cheeks are covered with freckles~
We're as opposite as they come!
The pictures look sweet... my oldest sister
made most of our Easter outfits.
I was always tickled to have a new stuffed bunny!
(Even more tickled when the dress was put away...)
These feathered friends seem to like
their little dresses~
Hope you like them, too!
Wishing you a wonderful week~

Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day & Sunday Sketch...

Wishing you love, friendship... laughs and joy!
Happy Valentine's Day~
I will draw a name from the hat later this evening
for the giveaway in my previous post...
You're not too late!

Monday, February 7

Giveaway! Baby Bird & Nest Art...

~Sweet Springtime Bird and Nest~
Two original pen and ink illustrations on fabric!
Please leave a comment on this post to enter.
Name will be selected on February 14th!

I know our feathered friends will soon be
building cozy nests...
I feel as if our winter "nest" is getting a touch
of cabin fever... yet another snow "event" on the way.
"Event" does make it sound a bit more chipper...
...I think it's time to begin sketching nests,
songbirds and all things fresh & spring-like!
Ooodles of new sketches will be in my Etsy shop soon!
Hope you have a wonderful week~

Tuesday, February 1

A new sketch... a gift & planning a giveaway!

A little late with my Sunday sketch...
My Sweet 17 is a joy!
She has a way of making the young, old and
everything in between smile... with her smile~
Little Man 14... well, he gets them to belly-laugh!
I'm a bit behind because as the snow piles high,
So do my deadlines! I'm having a great time
painting several new watercolor programs!
Or as a close-artist-friend stated...
"More goodies for the lazy artists to copy?"
I keep painting because it is what I love to do.
I license my designs because art should be seen.
I have not figured out why other artist
steal ideas, designs... programs... not just mine!
I feel sorry for them.
The joy of art is in the uniqueness!
I LOVE that MY art is one of a kind~
FRESH from my mind...
From my heart...

If certain artists try it too many more times~
My lawyers will be filled with joy!
Onto happy thoughts!
This GORGEOUS TREASURE arrived as a surprise~
A mug mat made by Donna...
Please visit her creative blog Brynwood Needleworks!
I wrote a little note to Donna that I will be framing
my gift~ we have kitty cats that adore
finer things in life and they would consider
this beautiful treasure a perfect nap quilt!

They have cozy beds...
Our laps in the evening...
This mug mat is a masterpiece for my studio!
Thank you, Donna!
I've been trying to figure out what to do...
We have reached over 1,000 Etsy sales, Sweet Friends!
I will announce the new giveaway tomorrow...
I'll try to make this one extra-special!
Hope your day is safe!
This has been a very...
eh, what's the word...