Friday, October 30

Getting Festive...

I love when I am caught up on deadline work...
Because I can PLAY!
Most of my successful designs are painted for fun!

Before I began working in licensing I had an annual
Christmas open house in our home
around mid November.
All of the items for sale were hand made,
framed original watercolors or prints
from my original watercolors.
I miss those shows; the fun! the people! the artists!

Odd artsy fact...
I could listen to Christmas music year 'round.
Helps the ideas flow~

I still plan Christmas open houses...
Instead of opening the doors to our home
our Etsy shop will have some
fun Christmas originals
Beginning November 1st!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Monday, October 26

Peacock Fabric Samples to Share...

I received samples from my
peacock fabric program!

These are some snippets from the
original art to show where the
planning & designing begins.

This is a paste up of how I thought one
pattern might look...

Another paste up...

The ad in the latest JoAnn's flyer!!!

Our peacock samples!

The little face peeking through...



We had the best time going to the zoo and taking
pictures of the peacocks for reference material!
They seem to be camera shy like most birds...
But were tolerant enough to not take to the back corners.

Hope your Monday is perfect!

Sunday, October 25

Along Country Roads...

Such a sweet little face...
Black ears, black snout & black socks!

Last weekend we took a long country drive
and our daughter saw this bashful friend...
we HAD to stop and visit!
The white one LOVED her and followed her every move!

Today has been beautiful!
Our little corner is in peak fall colors...
Everything glows!

This cow was taking a short snooze...

No time for relaxing today.
Sunny, dry and semi-warm don't visit often!
We were mowing & raking~
Laundry on the line and bird feeders filled...
Relocating a few woolly bears to safety &
trying to convince the chipmunks they
should move down the road...

Hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful~

Tuesday, October 20

After A Deadline...

It always amazes me...
When I'm working on a deadline I can stay up
until 3-4am day after day and don't seem to
really be tired or out of sorts.

Once the deadline is done...
I'm worthless for DAYS!

While painting a job I'm forever planning what
I "could" be doing instead!
Continually telling myself, "soon!"
When soon comes... I'm Eeyore! "Oh, bother."

So for a few days I will join the kitties and rest.
They don't seem to mind that dust falls
around them or that socks have made their way
to the living room.

One cat is missing... she is probably trying to
remove the twist tie from the new loaf of bread...
ha ha ha
Well, at least someone has ambition today!

Hope yours is wonderful!

Saturday, October 17

2012 Calendar Finished...

My studio is a disaster!
But it's a good mess...
This is the second year I have been asked to design
a wall calendar! I LOVE the company I'm working with...
when our samples arrive for the 2011 calendar I will
post about it... shouldn't be too much longer!

These are some of the sketches for the page toppers...
(The pretty extras where the month & year are
...on the date page.)

One more peek!
The second calendar with a cottage-type feel.
Birds~ songbirds that I hope will make all of you smile!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend~

Tuesday, October 13

New Watercolor Snippets...

A few new snippets to share!

These are small pieces from some
of my new watercolor designs~

I can't wait to share when they are on
licensed products so you can enjoy
the full images!

We have had to close the windows...
Much too cold to enjoy the songbirds at the feeders~
The next best thing...

These images are due out in 2012...
I'll share more from the collection soon~

Must get painting!

Hope you have a wonderful week

Friday, October 9

Tuesday, October 6

Hand Signed Prints & Three Small Originals on Etsy!

THANK YOU for asking!

I have finally added a few
hand signed prints from my
original watercolors to my Etsy shop!

Click on the images & they'll take you
directly to Etsy...

Some are perfect for framing...
Others would be great journal covers,
craft projects... even scrapbook collage!

I will try to add new prints once a week...
There will be all different
subjects, sizes and prices!

Hope each of you are well and enjoying fall!

Friday, October 2

Pneumonia, Bronchitis...and Needle Felts...

Some new needle felts to share!
These fun fall crows are all available at
Mulberry Hollow
Palmyra, New York

I'm finally strong enough to begin felting,
blogging, painting and cleaning again!
Still fighting off a month-long illness...
Pneumonia & bronchitis!
Not the best way to enter the cold months...

These pieces are approx. 6" tall
Sweet little handfulls!

100% wool...
100% FUN!

I'm hoping to have some new pieces
in my Etsy shop this weekend!

Also going to add a few small fall prints...

I'll be sure to post it here~

Thank you for stopping by!
Sorry to have been away so long~

Wishing you all that is wonderful!