Wednesday, June 24

Embroidery~ Stitching at lunch

I am always drawn to stitches.
Fancy. Simple. Pattern. Free-style. Gentlework... all of it!
Decided this would be a neat time to learn some basic stitches!

Alaina and I are taking a few minutes each day (lunchtime break)
to learn a stitch or two! We started today with straight & satin stitches.
I had some troubles getting the stem stitch in a straight line.
I will share pictures of Alaina's work in my next post...
had to let her get back to work!

Love having our daughter back from the West...
She makes everything so much more creative!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 10

Little loves~

Little hearts that bring us joy~

Helping us to be our best~

Each with our own special gift~

Heart to heart~

The strawberries are so very sweet!
I just know the mice are enjoying their snacks~

Wishing you a wonderful evening, Sweet Friends!