Tuesday, April 28

Vintage fabric & ink~

Found this small piece of fabric in a basket at an antique shop~
It is linen-like...
Cotton-like with a texture?
I don't know my fabrics, I just LOVE to draw on them!

Sepia ink on soft white~
Little faces very happy to have a sunny day!

The hum of bees in the gardens~
The most welcome sound!

I think of so many things when I'm heading to the garden!
New designs...
What's for dinner... laundry... dishes... dusting...
Calendar programs... fabric collections...
When I bend to pull some weeds~ those thoughts vanish. 
To touch the earth...
Face to face with flowers...
Bees swarming around my head...
I'm content.
My mind quiets~
My soul is fed.

Friends in nature~
Loved, treasured and nurtured!

Hope you have a few minutes to take a little walk today~

Thursday, April 23

Earth Day & Today~

I always try to sneak in a nature walk on Earth Day.
We had grey skies yesterday... nobody told the flowers!
They were just as happy & brilliant as always~

A true Springtime~
Color is slowly opening up.

The sweetest faces!

On a warmer day the pussy willows would be humming with bees!

This is today.
It looks like fairy dust!

Angry fairy dust~

My dad always called late Spring snow,
"Poor man's fertilizer."
(Every little bit of Nitrogen helps)
I think he was trying to find the silver lining~
When the flowers are ready for warmth... so am I!

Wishing you a beautiful day, Sweet Friends~

Thursday, April 2

Flow Blue Garden fabric!

"Flow Blue Garden"
One of my favorite quilt shops (Watkins Glen, New York) is carrying
my newest fabric collection by Red Rooster Fabrics!

~This collection is in shops now~

This is the panel!

The chickadee pair is also in my 2015 Outside My Window
wall calendar with Legacy Publishing Group!

The sweetest of birds on crazing~

A mixture of herbs, flow blue patterns influence from antique pieces~
Along with favorite feathered friends!

Bits and pieces of inspiration~
Chipped... stained... mismatched & LOVED!

I hope you will share a peek of your projects!
Wishing your heart joy~