Monday, October 1

Wool hooked Donkey~

Jasper & I would like to wish you beautiful October days!

This big fella is a wonderfully cozy wool blanket
while I'm working on him~
He's gaining weight with every strip! 
...I think I am, too! (giggle)

All the best to you, Friends!

Monday, September 24

Donkeys Hooked Rug~

Sweet Jasper & Snickers~ 39" x 30" copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

These furry loves have been very patient!
A beautiful summer... a very hot summer, I started this rug in early July.
Too much wool to have covering my lap until the cooler days arrived.

In a blink our evenings are chilly and the donkeys are perfect
to relax with after work~

I was a little nervous to begin Jasper...
He is the sweetest fella and I hope to capture a likeness.
From a distance animals have a general similarity~
Up close, they're unique.
Up close, they're endearing.
They touch and come close~

I'll share pictures as Jasper and Snickers fill in more~
Working with #4, #6 and #7 strips on primitive linen.

Wishing you joy-filled Autumn days, Friends!

Wednesday, August 29

Punch needle Holsteins & Chickadees~

Copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

Punching projects!
I added new patterns to my shop this week~
The chickadees are five separate patterns, a collection.
I punched my model of them as one long piece... something different.

 Punching is relaxing... but I don't know when to stop.
Hands and fingers grow weary~

Nexcare by 3M makes a wonderful tape~
has a little cushion to it!
Found in most drug stores.
Apply the amount that works best for your comfort.

It stays put and stays clean...

No sticky residue.

Wrapped around tiny needle felting tools~
Good to go for hours!
Did you say laundry? Dishes to wash? I'll get to them...

I had to get my August girls finished before September arrived!
A very painterly piece~
Now that they are finished I wish I would have punched them
twice this size so that I could add even more detail.

The perfect excuse to design a hooked rug of them!

I think miss matched tea cups are charming~
Antique shops are filled with single beauties just waiting to held again.
Always fun to see which cup friends choose. I gravitate toward the blue ones.

Chickadees love to perch on stems & tendrils when we decorate for Harvest.
I think they would enjoy some pumpkin spice tea on frosty mornings!

I have added a paper pattern of the entire Pumpkin Tea collection to my Etsy shop.
Punched in a row just as I made the models.
They're also available individually~
I thought this would be fun to offer!

Hope you have a wonderfully creative Labor Day weekend, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~

Monday, August 6

Snowmen Meadow quilting fabric

'Snowmen Meadow' copyright Michelle L. Palmer/ P&B Textiles

Snowmen in the meadow...
After a three hour drive to my moms house our children
were ready to run off some energy!
They didn't want a snack.
They didn't want to sit.
They didn't want television.
They were not interested in books.
The toys would wait...
They wanted outside!
Bundled up~ they would slide down Gramma's little hill.
Mom would pull the scooters out and the three of them would attempt to
ride them up & down her driveway. She told the kids they had snow tires!
Mom always had snow. (Except for the dash through summer & fall)
Her snow always seemed to be perfect for snowman making!
Our children will always have those treasured memories and
I will always be drawn to snowmen.

Squares for quilts, Christmas stockings, tote bags, table runners & place mats!
Stitched with simple trims around the border they would
make fun ornaments to hang on a cupboard knob...
Wouldn't they be fun around the bottom of a Christmas tree skirt?!
Unique pocket designs!
Small pillows stuffed with balsam! Mmmmmmm~
Stitched to the tops of pre-purchased pillows~
There must be more things we could make!

The collection is promised to arrive any day now!
I'm so happy with how the pen & ink illustrations translated to fabric~

Part of the panel and border design~ these are in full color!
The border would be fun as a Christmas tree skirt, too...

More of the panel images~

We're not rushing winter winds~
These warm August days are always my favorite!

Just had to share a peek of what's arriving in shops soon~
Please let me know if you see it in your favorite store!

Hope you have a nice week, Friends!

Wednesday, August 1

August Girls~

"The Girls" copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

The Girls in August pastures~
Hills and meadows have become dry and golden from our warm summer days.
It's milking time for the ladies and they're gathering a quick
snack before crossing.

A slow August breeze passes over the grasses just out of their reach~
I hope August takes it time and stays awhile.

The Girls have been very patient... 
Work & projects keep popping up in front of them.
Sometimes that is the perfect pace for some pieces!
I get to look at them and ponder...
Look at them and get fresh perspective!
My punch needle design will be different from the original watercolor...
Propped up in my little studio~ they're telling a different story!

Hope your August days are filled with creative projects!
Thank you for stopping by, Friends~

Thursday, July 19

Punch needle Holstein cows~

'The Girls' copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

Punch needle project currently in my hoop~
These grazing Holsteins are interpreted from one of my very early watercolor paintings.

Summer on a farm~
The Girls would talk to each other as they crossed over the hill and
headed out to pasture for the day~
They were still carrying on conversation at milking time
as they slowly made their way back to the barn.
I loved to hear our neighbor calling them home and
  the sound of their hoofs clopping across the paved road. 
The cows knew exactly which stanchion was theirs...
Each with their own name~
They're just perfect.

Hope your summer has been going great, Friends!

Sunday, July 1

Punch Needle White Whale Lighthouse

'White Whale Lighthouse' copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

Happy Summer, Sweet Friends!
July has come in with heat!
Perfect time for some needlework projects~ keeping cool inside!

Cover to cover is filled with beautiful patterns & tutorials!
The Old Tattered Flag carries it in their charming shop~
Found it on the shelf at Barnes & Noble Bookstore and JoAnn Fabrics!

The weather map is painted so pretty in hot pink, red, orange...
The week ahead will be filled with Independence Day
celebrations and record breaking heat. 
Wishing you safe travels and relaxation with those you love!

Thursday, June 14

Flag Day

~Flag Day~
We went to Stars & Stripes Flag Store this afternoon to purchase a new flag.
The cotton flag I received at my bridal shower has faded a little. 
Has flown strong for almost 26 years!
Not a fray or sign of wear on it.

All proceeds from the Stars & Stripes Flag Store go to support
our local Veteran community.

Got to spend the day with this amazing lady~
We picked up a small flag to share!

455 South Street, Rochester, NY

The door is so pretty...
Had to share a picture of the pretty wreath!

Land that I Love~

Hope this note finds your hearts happy!

Thursday, May 31

Last day of May~

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend, Friends~
Always grateful to spend time with family and`
remember with respect, those who gave so much.

Lilacs have shared their scent... now the air is filled with honeysuckle!

~Solomon's Seal~
The gardens are filled with blossoms... and weeds.
I grab a handful of weeds every time I take our pup for a walk!
He grabs a mouthful of what I toss aside and shakes them.
He let's them know who's boss!

I have added my first rug hooking pattern to my Etsy shop!
'I Love You to the Moon and Back' is hand drawn on natural linen.

My edges are taped on this pattern~
Will sew them eventually.
Learning as I go!
I took care to keep the lines straight of the grain...
That was my goal for this pattern! 

I hope you have a great weekend, Friends~
Welcoming June with bouquets of Dame's Rocket!

Friday, May 25

Love you to the moon hooked rug

Love You to the Moon & Back copyright Michelle L. Palmer

From punch needle to wool hooked rug!
I'm not sure how many of my punch needle works will make their
way to being hooked rugs~ this one holds a special place in my heart.

The colors are soft and subtle.

The watercolor painting is part of my licensing portfolio~
I think it would make a fun garden flag!

As I began hooking the heart I realized the purples that I  had dyed
for the graphic steps were a bit too cool...
Sue at Liberty Cottage (Canandaigua, NY) had the perfect colors!

Little bird had a story to tell and it went well into the night~

Loop by loop~
Punch needle is my favorite hobby but I do love to hook wool, too!

Hope your Friday is off to a great start, Friends!
Safe travels as you journey this Memorial Day weekend~

Sunday, April 22

Earth Day~

~Earth Day~
No matter the season
No matter the weather
There is beauty.

I am mindful of the bees...
I just love to hear them dancing about the gardens
while I'm tugging weeds!
Keeping our gardens organic help the bees to thrive.

We recycle every possible waste item & keep a compost pile.
Continue to make our home more energy efficient...
~Doing what we can to keep our planet beautiful & healthy~

Hope your day has been filled with sunny skies!

Tuesday, April 17

Wool hooked moon~

'Love You to the Moon & Back' copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Inspired by my punch needle pattern~
Nice to relax in the evenings with some wool strips & these two!

Just finished a new watercolor collection being considered for fabric~
Working on the remaining designs for my 2020 calendar~
Catching up.
Catching up on fun projects and household chores
before the weather breaks and Spring arrives!
Then the garden will be demanding some love and attention~
How can anyone say no to the gardens?

Hope you're all staying safe through these fierce Spring storms~
Hope your week is filled with sunny, warmer days!

Sunday, April 15

Icy April showers

Spring has arrived in the form of extended winter weather.
We know warmer days will eventually arrive~

We were spared from a potentially dangerous ice storm last night.
A thin coating of ice brought out gorgeous colors in nature!
Much like dipping your finger in water and rubbing it over a raw wood
surface to discover the rich color and hidden grain.
The beauty that will be brought out with finishes.
The wood pile is blanketed with gorgeous moss and lichen~
The coating of ice has sealed the color in, capturing it's depth.

Pussy willows with ice droplets.
Glad that they have been spared for the bees!
Soon they will blossom & we will enjoy the hum of pollinators~
Some of the first nectar for the honeybees.

Sharing a link that explains more about willows:

Our willow is twenty two years old.
Alaina & I planted it next to a downspout to be sure it had plenty of water.
She was three and always liked gathering 'furry paws' with her Grandma Newtown
when they walked down to the 'crick.'
I cut a few pussy willow bouquets each season to keep it trimmed.
We have different varieties planted~ babies that we hope survived the long winter.

I meant to put our bunny family under shelter before the icing started.
I was too distracted trying to catch up laundry, scan & download digital art files
for a new fabric collection and complete a punch needle/rug hooking pattern
for delivery this week... just  in case our electric service became knocked out in the storm.
The bunnies are all sealed in place!
Our pup enjoyed licking the ice off their faces & ears~

Wind in the trees & icy branches bumping each other~
Keeping our pup entertained!

Hope your days are sunny and warm, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~