Friday, June 7

Punch Needle Patterns

Good Morning, Friends!
I hope your Friday is off to a great start~
Feathered friends are always invited to help around the studio!
Baby Robin has grans button jar tucked under her wing.
She sure loves to scatter buttons... like fairy dust.

Blogs and social media sites are such fun in the Springtime~
There are so many wonderful images of baby birds peeking out
from their nests... their little beaks reaching up for their tummies 
to be filled.
'Stitching Bird' is on a mission... 
Her sewing needle is threaded and she has her emery strawberry
filled with straight pins!

I frame most of my punch needle pieces.
Frame shops carry an acid free 'spacer' that aids in keeping
the floss loops from touching the glass surface.
Depending on your loop length, they come in various thickness.

The spacers allow me to add extras, too~
My little button jar looked like a pickle jar before I added MOP buttons.
The jar could be punched with an aqua, pale blue or pale purple
floss... the look of old glass without canning vegetables... giggle.

A second new release!
We have seen a lot of crows this spring... 
With all of the rain, wind and cold weather the songbirds seem to
be a few weeks later than normal.
'Crow' has been collecting wishes again!
She keeps her stars inside her titled spice jar~
Her sunflower perch creates the perfect lid!

'Baa Baa Blackbird' copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

Little brown sheep and friends are available in the
Summer 2019 issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine!
That should be arriving at Barnes & Noble, JoAnn Fabrics,
your favorite stitching & quilt shops and mailboxes any day now.

I hope to add more punch needle patterns to my shop over the weekend~
Seem to say that every week and the hours just disappear!
A few hours set aside for yard and garden work develops into
full days of hauling, cutting, pruning, pulling, planting...
I get lost in the bird songs...
The hum of the bees...
The weeds...
The blossoms....

Wishing you beautiful summer days~
Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, May 27

Land That I Love~ Memorial Day

Honoring and remembering
soldiers and service members who
gave their life in service...
Memorial Day and every day.

'Land that I Love' is No. 3 in my Fraktur series~
Each rug measures 24" x 22"
Hooked with wool strips. I used #6, #7 & #8 wool cuts.
I am having such a fun time with this collection!
There is something about wool...
Warms ones soul~

No. 2 in my Fraktur series...
This design was inspired by walks along the Erie Canal Path...
Beautiful poison sumac blossoms with their long and draping leaves~
Green, deep sage with a hint of chartreuse... with a little wheat, gold, salmon..
They are fond of color changes!
Birds & chipmunks live along the pathway... waterfront real estate~
They must deposit sunflower seeds for snacks and 
then forget where they stashed them~
Every now and again a brilliant yellow sunny flower will peek up!

The illustrated collection is titled Frakturs & Flourishes.
Red Rooster Fabrics designed a fabric line from them.
I love putting down lines with my dip pens and homemade walnut ink.
Lines flow naturally, unevenly...
Curves and swirls fall into place as if they were following
the trail of a butterfly.
Tulips in Springtime and my mother loved bleeding hearts.
Purple crocus peeking through just as Robins are building their nests!
Earth day is in April... I thought the dome with the sun would
be a nice way to cover the birds just as treetops do.

Wool is a flourish of its own~
No extra effort needed!

Gold Star Families~ remembering you, too.
Peace and love~

Monday, April 29


Birthday milestones~
I have enjoyed watching friends share fun projects to celebrate
birthday milestones.

50 weeks of paintings!
60 sketchbook entries!
One gal turned 80, she shared different walks/hikes and 
photographs along each journey! (That was fun!)
30 poems...
I enjoyed watching a Facebook friend share beautiful tiny stitches
each day for one whole year and another
share her beach findings from her morning walks after turning 65!
It was a lot of fun to follow along, getting to know each of them
a little bit more through each milestone share!

I thought on it a bit...
50 Favorite Things!
One each week or as they pop up in time.
No. 1 Pincushions & Pinkeeps!

My mom pulled this one out of her 'cigarette drawer' and told me
it was her mothers. There was a narrow cupboard in my parents kitchen
with a tiny draw above it. That is where they kept their cigarettes.
Once they stopped smoking it became the coolest junk drawer. 
I LOVED to looking through the drawers when I was a child.
Our kids LOVED to look through ours when they were little.
Full of things that should have been tossed,
'But we might need it someday!'
Full of things that may have been taken away, too!

This is a yummy-looking cup of tea!
A little hefty as they are filled with emery powder/sand~

This is my 'Fried Green Tomato'
I just LOVE the movie Fried Green Tomatoes and this beauty
is the only green pincushion I have and
it is a little brown around the edges~

Alaina found this one at a thrift shop~
All of those beautiful glass heads, no uniform size & the colors vary.

Yellow and blue glass heads~

This little wool & velvet love is a 50th birthday treasure from a dear friend!
Love her, Miss L.

This beauty is the work of Donna Liljegren, Brynwood Needleworks!
I shared a link~ her shop is filled with treasures~

These two pinkeeps travel with me~
I purchased 'Lincoln' from the Etsy shop Avery Hill (our daughter)
Alaina is a printmaker, Lincoln is a wood carved print.
This image is printed on fabric from her original.

Hope you have a wonderful week, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~

Tuesday, April 23

Blackbird Wool Hooked Rug

'Blackbird on a Sunny Flower' Fraktur #2 of 6 copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer
Illustration copyright 2010

Inspired by summer walks along the Erie Canal~
Poison Sumac leaves and blossoms are so pretty (from a distance)
The leaves hang similar to the top arch~ turning crimson in the Fall.
The blossoms are beautiful~ I made mine salmon, a little lighter than true.
Every now and then a sunflower blossom will pop up
along the pathway edge.
Chipmunks and squirrels drop some of their bird feeder stash
and they take seed in unexpected places!

I included a photograph of my 'Fraktur & Flourish'
pen & ink with watercolor illustration
that inspired the summery piece~

The bird and I had a few closed door meetings.
Feather colors were changed a few times and if I stare at it
for too long I get thinking the wing could still be a different color!

I just LOVE how the warmth and texture of wool is bringing new life
to my collection of walnut ink illustrations!

I draw my patterns by hand on primitive linen.
Finished rug size is 24" wide by 22" tall (actual hooked area)
3.5" to 4" border around the entire design
allowing ample room for your frame.
I take care to keep the lines straight of the grain.
Linen edges are taped to prevent fraying. I use green Frog Brand tape.
It is available through my Etsy shop:

It will be a while for number three in the series to be completed~
Free time is shared with gardening and sunsets...
How we have waited for Spring to arrive!

Wishing your hearts happiness~

Monday, April 22

Fraktur wool hooked rug

"Robin Red Breasts" wool hooked rug copyright 2019
Illustration copyright 2010
#1 of 6 Fraktur theme rugs translated from my original illustrations.

I used #6, 7 & 8 cut (wool strips) for my model.
I have the second in the collection finished... I hope to share it tomorrow.
The designs are very similar to each other when drawn with
walnut ink and painted with watercolor...
They are so much warmer and rich with texture when hooked~
the wool rugs look completely different from each other!

I began drawing Fraktur and flourish elements in 1989 when I was a
graphic design student at R.I.T.
Through studying cobblestone structures for American Architecture I found
the most beautiful barns with hex signs and painted quilts.
With more research I became very distracted by Fraktur illustrations!

Fraktur sketches filled my notebook margins... ideas swirled in my mind!
I did my best to focus on the professors lectures...
I tried...
Through the years all of my college sketches,
interpretations from early works, have shared inspiration!
Inspired by the early treasures but never copied... 
Nothing so beautiful as original frakturs and the history they recorded~
Illustrated history...
My frakturs, with a twist of whimsy, record favorite birds in
childhood gardens, perennial beds~ the beauty of season changes. 

I draw my patterns by hand on primitive linen.
Finished rug size is 24" wide by 22" tall (actual hooked area)
3.5" to 4" border around the entire design
allowing ample room for your frame.
I take care to keep the lines straight of the grain.
Linen edges are taped to prevent fraying. I use green Frog Brand tape.
It is available through my Etsy shop:

Hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!
Thanks so much for stopping by~

Sunday, April 21

Easter Blessings

Praying that your hearts will always be filled with
His promise~
Peace, Hope and Love.

The gardens are beginning to wake!
I haven't been in a hurry to remove their protective blanket~
the winds have been crazy wild with every weather fluctuation.
Up until this past week snow was constantly teasing!
Tiny perennials are breaking through the soil and leaf covering
and I'm able to gently clear the leaves and dead stalks away without
disturbing sprouting beauties. I tend to forget what I plant from
year to year and just how wide some of the perennials reach~
The lawns are greening up...
Birds are nesting...
Chipmunks have started perching on the banister to warm in the sun...
and the peas are planted!
Primrose are open... the bees will be delighted!

Wishing you a joy-filled Easter and
Beautiful spring days~

Saturday, March 23

Joyful Spring~

Sweet Friends~
I hope your Spring days are filled with joy!

Pussy willows follow their own calendar~
They're not waiting for the snow to stop falling!
Went for a nice long walk along the Erie Canal trail with my neighbor today.
The sky was so blue!
Sun on our shoulders...
Canada geese filled areas of the canal waters. They were so chatty!
They are here with us throughout the winter months but
many traveling flocks stop here with the snow geese.

Came home and noticed that the pussy willow buds were completely open!
Lopped off some of the tallest branches for bouquets to share &
left some to open for the bees that will be seeking nourishment soon~

Hope you have a wonderful week, Friends!
Thanks so much for stopping by~

Wednesday, March 13

"Rabbit & Chickadee Go Gathering" copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

Chickadee has found the perfect assistant! 
Rabbit will deliver her sweet treat to the base of the tree
where her nestlings await dessert!
Perhaps Mr. Chickadee will bring home a dollop of whipped cream.

Rabbit will rest in the shade and enjoy his snack before heading home
with a pussy willow bouquet for his family.

Our pussy willows have started to open!
Little fuzzy buds trying to break through their winter shells...
Nice to see hints of Springtime.
We have a few sprigs tucked in a jar with water.
They will be fully open by the end of the week~

Hope your March days have been a little more sunny...
A touch warmer and filled with happiness, Friends~

Thursday, February 14

Wool hooked rug Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope your day is filled with sweet, sweet kindnesses~

Flow blue always warms my heart!
This wool heart is on the front of a project bag...
A class I took from Diane Phillips.
Everyone in the class had the same template~
It is always exciting to see how different & beautiful everyone's project is!

The night before the class I decided to make a test piece.
Still new(er) to rug hooking~ I'm never exactly sure how things will come together.
I wanted my color palette to be flow blue because I had
plenty of pre-cut wool strips.
These washy flowers could be made smaller or larger depending
on the bag template. Making a test piece helped me to get
a feel for how much wool would be required, too.

Still have plenty of these wool strips so I hope to 
turn my little test piece into a small table runner.

Hope you're staying safe and warm through these winter storms~
Wishing your heart happiness, always!

Friday, February 1

Winter Watering Cans Hooked Rug

 'Winter Watering Cans' copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Pup and I enjoyed a salmon-peachy-hot pink sunrise.
Hello, February!
Lake gray is being pushed back~
So nice to see the sunshine two days in a row!

My watering cans are coming along.
Hope to have this rug finished over the weekend... what to do next!?
I do think I will choose a warmer season (giggle)

Cardinals at the feeder have been all fluffed up to stay warm~
Glad the frigid windchills are moving out.

Sharing progress pictures from weekend to weekend~
This is our Ash tree. Sad to say we have to take it down in the Spring.
The Emerald Ash Borer that is killing so many is the cause.

The tree is dark at the base~
Lighter, lighter and lightest as it touches the sky.

Little pop of color to add a touch of warmth to winter days~

I love old watering cans!
These oldies have weathered many seasons.
The bottoms push out a little when ice builds inside... 
Doesn't bother us~ adds to their charm!
Never stops us from bringing them home from a sale~

Bittersweet foreground~

It's always exciting to begin a new rug project~
Very different from a new painting...
Wool hooking takes a fair amount of time to get a feeling of progress.
As small sections come together interest and excitement builds!
Then it becomes hard to put down the project! 

Hope you're all staying healthy, warm and happy!

Wednesday, January 23

Little Mouse punch needle~

 "Spring Stitches" Little Mouse Collection copyright 2019

Hi Sweet Friends!
I hope your New Year is off to a great start~

My furry little friend has one of the coziest perches in the house!
How I love to gather and use vintage pincushions.
Especially tomato & strawberry pinkeeps.
Every sewing basket that I can remember (and there were a lot of them)
had a bright red tomato, with matching emery sand strawberry, tucked inside. 
I would pull them out and straighten all of the pins~
Organize the straight pins by color, the needles by size.
Then I would dig to the basket bottom and find all of the buttons~
String them together with thread by size & type.
Gram, mom, neighbors & aunts were probably happy for a quiet minute!

This little Sparrow was a joy to design & punch~
It took me as long to add the mini pom pom trim and
flannel backing as it did to punch the entire piece!
I admire the talent and attention to detail that folks put into
finishing their works. I'm going to make a better effort to finish
each of my punch needle works a little differently.
I framed mine for years... dust free & protected from pets.

 "Peppermint Stroll" copyright 2018

These snow friends are in the 2019 Christmas-Winter issue of
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
I added a little tutorial on how I achieve a plush and velvety texture by
punching with a longer loop and snip the very tips off.

I found the vintage trim for 'Peppermint Stroll' at a local thrift shop.

 "Winter Perch" copyright 2019

Rug Hooking Magazine is celebrating their 30th year of publication!
I was honored when they asked me to share an
article and punch needle pattern~
Winter is so much warmer with these loud friends at the feeder!

Hope you're all staying cozy and that your hearts are happy~
Thank you for visiting, Friends