Friday, June 25

Blue & Yellow Tansy


Every now and then~ something fun to stitch on.
Sharing the yellow that goes with my blue spice jar~
I have had so much fun stitching my yellow blossom heads.
I knew they would be pretty as single buttons~ even if it took me months.
They stitch up quickly!

Sharing little notes on most photographs.
My foundation cloth is heavy weight wool.

Both wool pieces are mottled blue. One dark, one pale.

I arranged & stapled all of the button blossoms at the same time.
The stapled pieces stayed in place nicely.

I like to use #12 weight Valdani threads, variegated.

I save all of my wool scrap bits and pieces... 
Perfect way to add variety and texture without the expense
of purchasing many different colors.
You could also purchase a mottled yellow for color variety.

 My small thread minder has a magnet stitched inside.
Perfect for keeping track of staples as I slide them out. 

Sewline fabric glue stick~
Allowed me to curve and shape my narrow stems!

The tansy in our garden is happily invasive~
Each year the patch moves out 8"-10'' 
Something later in the summer for bees to enjoy!

Hope your Friday is off to a great start, Friends~
Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, May 31

Wednesday, January 20

"Lakeside Buoys" copyright Michelle L. Palmer

We have a blanket of white this morning with gentle snow falling.
My heart is lakeside... longing for warmth & sunshine.
Ready to dip toes in the water~

These buoys were licensed for notecards and dinner napkins
years ago. A fishing camp I visited nearly 30 years ago.
I couldn't stop photographing buoys!
Wishing I had taken more photographs of the handsome
cabins and boathouses.

I dyed the background wool: ProChem straw with mouse grey and
a touch of periwinkle. Some of the darker areas worked nicely
for the rope shadows. Hooked with #6 and #7 cut wool strips.

Hope you're all staying strong and healthy!
Thank you for stopping by~

Friday, January 15

Blank Greeting Cards to Color

My friends and I hope your weekend is off to a great start~
Hope you're all staying strong and healthy.

Penny for your thoughts!
This dear little friend is keeping her prices low~ giggle... 

Or send along the card as is for your recipient to color.
All of my pen & ink greeting cards are blank inside.

We're expecting winter weather this weekend.
December and January have been uncommonly warm and green~
Two lawn daisies have blossomed in our side yard!
I will pick them and bring them indoors before the snow & ice arrives.
Soup will be simmering and a new rug hooking mat started.

Take good care, Friends~
Wishing your hearts peace and happiness


Thursday, December 24

Peace on Earth
May your Christmas be filled with hope and
Joyous memories of those who have touched your heart~

I'm looking forward to a few days off with hubby~
Pushing some loops, pulling some loops & slow stitching...
A batch of cookies or two~
Alaina & I have been planning a day of paper mache, too!

Sharing how I finished one of my latest patterns~
Home in New England

I used four stands of wool yarn.
Long enough length to trim around the entire piece.
Whip stitch in place with DMC floss.
Sometimes your piece will try to curl as you're finishing it...
No worries, you can press it at the end.
Finished side down against a plush towel, mist pressing cloth
with water & iron on medium heat.

View from the back side

 Wishing you every joy of this beautiful season~
Praying you all stay strong & healthy!

Friday, December 4

Annual Christmas Stocking Pattern

~To thank you, Friends~
For your kindness, support & patronage throughout the year!

2020 Can use a little extra love & distraction 
so I designed two stocking patterns to share this year.

'Christmas Star Santa'
Additional photographs and project hints below~

Please right click on the pattern file, save to your computer.
Print from there~

'Snow Rabbit'
Additional photographs and project hints below~

Please right click on the pattern file, save to your computer.
Print from there~

I used #12 Valdani threads for most of my stitching~
DMC floss for the eyes and mouth.

Wishing you joy-filled December days and good health!
Stay strong and take good care~


Wednesday, November 11

Veterans Day

 Thank you for your service, your strength, your commitment~

We are forever grateful!


Wednesday, November 4

The sun streaming in today.
The trees are glowing, leaves are dressed in brilliant yellow! 
Our son has moved into his first apartment~
He is very happy & we're so very excited for him.
His bedroom has become another leg of my studio.

 My favorite fabrics, mostly used for slow stitching...
Some patches add a little color & interest to my pinkeeps.
No longer on a top shelve... now they're a tease!
"Stop working for just a few minutes~ sit down & stitch awhile'

I painted the ceiling the same color as the walls~
Convivial yellow by Sherwin Williams.
The room is so cozy!

Next sunny day I'll share another peek~
Hope your November is off to a great start!

Monday, July 6

Greeting cards, blank

Perfect for you to color or mail a little note for your recipient to color!

Greeting cards measure 4.25" x 5.5" depending on orientation
They come in sets of five, envelopes included
Blank inside
Printed on white card stock

Hope your July days are off to a great start!
Take good care, Friends~