Thursday, January 23

Bunnies are hopping in...

We have been tossing carrots, celery and lettuce cores
out the window for our sweet bunny friend~
He cuddles under the bird feeders... our feathered friends share!

So nice to see their fluffy white tails against the blanket of white!

I think a ruffled collar would dress him up...

I think a pair of baby blue 'feetie' pajamas would be adorable too!

A sweet reminder...
Treasure each day~

Sharing love and smiles with you~
I know there are happy bees flying about somewhere!!


Smiley said...

Happy birthday to meeeee! Just bought two of your sweet blessings!

Hugs and smiles,
Deb oxo

It's me said...

O my i love sweeeeeeeeeeet from !!

Kays Kids said...

What an adorable little bunny. I'm glad the rel one is being fed treats by you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They really are extra special cute! I was looking at your seashells in your sidebar. We found a lot of calico scallops at the beach this week. You would have enjoyed shelling with us! Hugs!

Patri Bears said...

Coniglietti davvero speciali!!! Mi piacciono tutti...anche se l'ultimo รจ davvero troppo dolce!!!

Debbie Nolan said...

What sweet bunnies - I can see how your visitors inspire your art. So very lovely - hope you are having a great week-end. Stay warm!

Maliha said...

Such a cute blog!
Following you now :) Do follow back to return the love and support <3

Michelle Palmer said...

Happy Birthday, Deb! <3
Thank you, Sweet Friends... your comments mean so much to me!
Make my heart happy!