Sunday, January 24

Vintage linens~

I love to hunt for vintage/antique linens~
Antique shops & festivals...
Thrift stores & estate sales...
Lawn sales & auctions...

I immediately put the linens into a mild soak~
Little bit of laundry detergent & oxyclean... warm water.
Sometimes I need to repeat this soak.

Most stains come out over night...
A cold water rinse and gentle squeeze~
I lay them on bath towels and roll them up!

Once they rest for a day I press them, medium heat.

Amazing how vibrant the colors are!

Some are worn... they are just as beautiful as the nearly perfect pieces!

The beautiful stitches~
Time spent...

So many different designs!

Most linen pieces do not have a pattern.
Unique, free hand designs!
From the heart~

I hope you have a wonderful week, Sweet Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~


Suz said...

How beautiful. What a wonderful idea to compliment the handwork there. I will look around for you. I have many beautiful hankies you might like.

Kityii said...

Adoro sus creaciones!!:)))))