Monday, May 3

New Originals and Framed Prints...

I love being surrounded by art...
This small corner in my studio is the perfect
spot for these late 1800's German prints.
They were folded when I found them...
Once they're surround by matting and glass~
one can barely notice the creases.

When folks visit, they wonder where all of my
original watercolors are. Why I don't have some
of my samples placed here and there...

I am inspired by other artists.
It is so much fun to see different interpretations,
colors... styles... details I miss etc.

This collection of prints
(saved from a book headed for the trash)
covers a narrow wall... our small piano below.

I added a few new pieces to my Etsy store...
Sweet 16 has been humming patriotic songs
that they're rehearsing in band.
They are preparing for Memorial Day
parades their high school marches in...
Little Man 13 is going to be a Freshman in high
school this fall~ he is marching with them!

Doesn't this little critter look like someone
fluffed him with a hairdryer?

Johnny Jump Ups are busting out all over!

I have drawn paisley patterns for years...
Oodles n' oodles of fun doodles...

Hope your week is off a great start!
Thank you for so many wonderful comments...
I LOVE to hear from you!



Really, truly amazing sketches, Michelle! Swoon!!! And I know what you mean about different styles of art, however you should display some of your own...if even casually on a shabby easel... Have a lovely week! ~ Angela

~Tonya said...

Hi Michelle,

Your lil part of the studio, very pretty, clean and crisp. Love the framed pictures...all of them.

Your new critters, totally adorable. So very sweet.

Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

That little nook you showed in the first photo was so inpsiring! I love the cups with all of the pencil crayons and what nots in them...and yes, i know what you mean about being inspired by other artists! you do that for me!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Lady Farmer said...

What a lovely collection of art pieces! The German prints are wonderful and I can't believe someone was going to throw that book of prints in the trash! So glad you rescued it ~ birds are my favorite!
Your art is so adorable! I would love to have them all! I am off to check your store again right now!
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I cherish each one!

Dorthe said...

Hello Michelle,
And thanks for the beautifull look inside your studio, I love the wall with all the birds.
I also love your new drawings, and that they have a little story to tell.A very beautifull post.
Hugs, Dorthe

Vicki Boster said...

Michelle - those framed prints are awsome! What a fabulous collection for your special place!

Love the new sketches - especially the paisley doodles - my favorite!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, Lovely framed arrangements and, of course, your new sketches!

You're like me, I don't have my own originals hanging in the house either - only one copy of the painting I did of Thomas Hardy's cottage in Devon, England. Oh, and two of my bath prints in the bathroom. But nothing else. I'm also inspired by others' art and love old, old, old prints. I'll bet the creases in yours make them more interesting.

Tell me about the S&P shakers with the slot on the side that you emailed about....have never seen those!


The French Bear said...

Michelle, I love the new art work! Love the pansies!!!
I am addicted to your art work!!! My granddaughter loved her birdie picture......she wanted me to make sure no birds were harmed with the feathers that came with it!!!! She is a natural animal lover!! I laughed so hard, told her I think you were really careful when you plucked them no just kidding!!!
She loved them!
Margaret B

Bearly Sane said...

I'm so glad Cheryl pointed me in your direction ... beautiful art, I love it!

Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

blueberries in the fields said...

you are just amazing !!! i discovered your blog and etsy shop through Cheryl of Bingle bears ( such a sweetie ) and i just fell in love with your lovely little critters. i am going to check your etsy shop, i MUST get some of your art. I read your tutorial on needlefelted strawberries and a BIG thank you. I am just learning to needlefelt and this was really helpful. love your little strawberries. they make adorable little gifts.
i will come back for more visits, you are truly a wonderful artist.
sending warm wishes,

Caterina Giglio said...

your prints are just gorgeous and look lovely in your studio, very inspiring!

marie said...

The ten prints above your piano look incredible! Rescued from the trash ~ how wonderful is that!

Auntie Cake said...

I love your sweet little mouse most of all. I adore mice, and would even let that one inside my house!

Joy said...

This is the first time I have seen your drawings on the fabric. It doesn't bleed and run? What do you use?