Wednesday, October 15

Tag...You're It!

I love the brad/fasteners for little peas....

We grew rows n' rows of garden peas
when I was young. My mom and I would
pick big brown bags of them & sit in
lawn chairs eating until we were stuffed
full of their sweetness!

Lil' lighthouse light keeper is sweet...

The only cow that had horns
when I was a child was the bull...
Keeps me confused to this day~
We HAD to stay indoors when the
bull was out to pasture~
He was not the friendly-type guy!
Chased my dad off the lawn tractor
more than once~

You know I HAVE to keep
bird themes in everything I do~

Have a happy...

1 comment:

kate said...

i love your blog!!! i wish i was your neighbor so we could create all day!!! i would come over with my tea, and sit and talk and create day to night. please ck our new blog , no where near as creative as yours!!! you will be my insperation..thanks , kate