Saturday, October 18

Whiskers Saved...

I save whiskers.
Sounds like I'm admitting to a horrible addiction!

This little green glass has sat in our
tea cupboard for over 17 years~
Holding precious crafting supplies.

Before I vacuum I comb over the carpets,
kitty beds, perches, favorite "spots"
and gather whiskers
No kitty snouts are injured! :0) Teehee

We have whiskers from 6 different cats...
Some black...mostly white!
And one generous black lab...see the big black ones!
Plus my in-laws have saved for me
from their kitty paws~

I made this mouse-friend from Sculpy clay
years ago...the whiskers wait for the
next little critters to be made~

So many ideas...too little time!


Debra said...

I'm not thinking I'm strange anymore...just an artist!!
My saving is of drift wood sticks that I KNOW I will get around to using. At least you USE those whiskers! (Boy, does that sound silly!)
The stamps are amazing. It's been so long-I remember the days of linoleum block carving-so now it's Speedball stamps? I'm not familiar with the pink stuff you carved into. I want to know, because I NEED to do this!!!
Love, Debra

Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Debra~
This link will show you what the pink "stuff" is~ It's a carving block material...look close at the stamps~ some are pink, others white. There are 2 different products. I prefer the pink.
I don't have the strength in my hands to cut linoleum any more...someone told me it isn't as leather-hard as when we were young. This is a great alternative for that, too.
I think you will have a great time. The first ones I made were over 10 years ago...for my open house price tags. I wanted to make them personalized without the cost of print can do a lot with them.
You'll have to show us what you come up with!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday~

Anonymous said...

A whisker collector? Now I've heard everything! LOL! You are such a treasure! You make me SMILE!


ozjane said...

Oh dear, my Moggie would love to think that I save her whiskers.
You are so talented...and a very good housekeeper.
Hugs and purrs.

whitestone said...

ROFLOL. I thought that I was strange. I collect "little" collections but none are as funny as this one. Thanks for sharing. I love it!!!

Mrs. V said...

I never went searching for whiskers but whenever I found one around the house I would feel like I had found a treasure, what a delight. I would tape it to the side of the refrigerator or on the calendar. Every time I'd see it it would bring a smile to my face. I never had any plans for the whisker but felt I had to keep it. I must tell my daughter about your collection, how special.

Renna said...

My first thought was "that is really weird", then my second thought was "but how ingenious!". ;-Þ

The mouse is darling!