Wednesday, October 1

Bitty Treasures...

Debra~ I found it!
Your charming little bowl inspired me
to search out a similar one I had found
in the bottom of a box from auction.

The auction "this n' that" box was stuffed full
of heavy old frames, stoneware,
antique kitchen utensils...etc.
There in the bottom...covered in dust
thick enough to make this little treasure sat! Chip free & charming!

I discovered the spoon for $.10 somewhere
else...can't you picture a wee little mouse
sipping some yummy stew? Napkin tucked
in a small curl at the tip of its tail?

On this chilly day~
I should invite a kind
critter in for tea!


Nola @ Alamo North said...

What an adorable tiny spoon! I love tiny treasures that others often overlook in search of bigger things!

Debra said...

Ohhh, it IS lovely! And I can see a little mole or (oops!) chipmunk (!) coming in and having some Earl Grey with a bit of scone on that spoon!
I wonder if those little bowls we have were made for dolls, or for rings-I can't quite figure it out. Just for pretty, I guess.
Your gourds are nice-do they make appearances in your paintings?
Hope you had a good day-did you paint?
I was happy to get some painting and doll work done. I do love what I'm doing, and I'm so very blessed by my husband, who lets me stay home to follow my dreams.
Love, Debra

Michelle Palmer said...

Tiny things are so sweet...I agree Nola~ would have critters join you, too~ I'll play along 'til I hear the first field mouse scratching about! LOL
I just finished two paintings with gourds in them...I'll try to put one on the blog...the other is "top secret" for now~ preparing a calendar for 2011! (The calendar you purchase this January was really painted 2.5/3 years ago.)
The natural designs are unmatchable...I'm humbled when painting.
No painting today...I have been working on a spec job for a subject that I know nothing about...I will share soon~ so my bottom has been glued to the computer chair while I surf for information to complete the designs.
I'm glad you're hubby is so supportive~ I could never do this without my husband/family behind me thankful for them~
So thankful for friends like all of you, too!
Happy Painting!

Anonymous said...

Small things - always adorable. I could kick myself for turning away from a child's baking utensils set at the Ontario Mall Antiques a few weeks ago. But I'll keep my eyes open for another one. They do turn up!


Michelle Palmer said...

Oh Diane...
On a beautiful fall day~ ask your sweet hubby to go for a long drive to see Sodus Point Lighthouse. Or make it a business trip...lighthouse photo shoot! There are lunch "spots" near it...pretty tree colors etc. Alton Antique Shop has children's baking sets...pans, too!
I saw them the other day when I purchased a vintage chenille bedspread for my mom~ I was "behaved" but I did "peek" around! :)