Saturday, February 11

Flow blue and yellow bee skep~

These two colors are never far from my palette.
Regardless of what medium I am working in~
they are the perfect color pair to my heart!

The days are getting a bit brighter and longer~
The gardens are starting to call.
Researching seeds and designing a large fenced area for our pup!
I would love a wall filled with cavities for bee skeps~
That one might have to stay on my wish list!

Hope your Saturday is off to a great start, Friends!

Friday, February 10

Stand up for yourself~

There are times when we have to stand up for ourselves.
Take legal steps to protect what we have worked so hard for.
It isn't easy.

This little guy and his message were written on my heart today~
Let your faith be bigger than your fear.
Hebrews 13:6

Wishing your heart peace, Friends~

Fabric Illustration Bunny & Sparrow~

Friday huddle?
Hope your day is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

No matter where our feathered friends perch~
They bring our hearts joy!
Chickadees are dancing on the feeder...
Juncos and Mourning Doves are cleaning up the ground &
Cardinals, Titmouse and Woodpeckers swoop in for a nibble!

The sun is peeking through after our snow storm overnight~
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 8

Teddy and Honey Bee~

From time to time I open one of my sketchbooks that has
sat untouched for too long.
I glance through the pages and find something new~
As though it wasn't my hand, my heart, that put it there!

Other times a small design sketch will remind me of a collection 
that was manufactured into a gift program!

My most favorite pages are those with notes & drawings
tucked into corners or margins by one of our children.
Their childhood was filled with art festivals, 
Christmas open houses, art shows and sales.
There was always a sketchbook open...
Always a mound of them stacked within their reach and
they were free to look through them.

Their little masterpieces are my most treasured entries!

Hope your day is off to a great start, Sweet Friends~
Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 7

Wren friends~

When sweet friends come to call~
Yesterday afternoon brought a little wren to our kitchen windowsill!

He is a bit early!
I'm sure he was just passing through~
Perhaps he was taking a quick trip to check on his summer house?

Hope you're having a wonderful week, Friends~

Thursday, February 2

Punch Needle Bee Skep Valentine

I think this will be the summer that I finally build a bee bole to house 
my two favorite bee skeps. They have been part of our home decor
for 12+ years because they are made of natural materials.
They would rot when exposed to our weather.
I couldn't bring myself to put the hives/skeps in the garden because
I felt the bees would make it their home and then as it wore down
they would be without shelter. 
I will find the perfect stones, study up on the weather side, air space needed etc.

These two bee Valentines are headed home for a nice bowl
of honey stew with a dash of daisy petals~
Home is where the heart his~

Hope you're having a great day, Friends!

Wednesday, February 1

Good Morning, February!

Sharing their hearts on this first day of February!

I have a collection of antique & vintage papers, books, magazines~
Some bins are filled with worn & tattered keepings.
 The woman I got them from found value in them and
passed on that love to me!
They are bygone treasures~
Never to be printed again... some may be the only existing copies.

Bits and pieces put together with a new life!

When working with old paper I scan my final design and keep 
a digital file. Old paper was made from various fibers, rag content etc.
and is not acid-free. It may yellow or stain other papers that it touches.
Enjoy the works you make & keep a fresh image for production.

Wishing you a February filled with love & happiness~

Thursday, January 26

Vintage linens

This is one of those linens~
I had ten different ideas for how to illustrate the empty areas!

Perhaps there was a bowl of fruit originally kept in the center area...

A pair of candle sticks... one to either side?

~ or ~

I love white on white~

No matter what condition they are in~
A soak brings out their beauty!
Wear areas are proof that they were loved and treasured.

In all the years I have been gathering linens...
I have never found two alike.
Just like snowflakes~

Thank you for stopping by, Sweet Friends!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

Monday, January 23

January Spring to Winter~

We have enjoyed beautifully mild weather for a couple weeks~
January thaw with a twist!

Little Chickadee is sharing some love & Mr. Woolen is sharing a few
snippets of wool to keep her nest cozy~

Hope you stay safe as winter arrives again, Friends!
Wishing you a wonderful week~

Friday, January 20

Friday, January 13

Black sheep Valentine punch needle~

"Black Sheep in the Posies"
Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

My first pattern for 2017!
A Valentine~

We have been enjoying some of the most beautiful sunrises~
Peach, salmon... hot pink... fire-tones!
Makes the studio glow so pretty.
I can't work in my studio during winter months~
Too cold.
No matter the temperature I love to spend a bit of time
out there in the mornings.
Putting together projects... sorting... organizing...

This wooly friend is sharing a bouquet of sunrise with you!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Saturday, January 7

Tea with honey~

"Did you say honey?"

Tea and honey have helped my cough...
Fever and the flu hit me Christmas Eve.
Hearing about so many of you coming down with horrible chest colds & the flu~
Take care & add honey.
Has been nearly two weeks~ finally starting to get some energy back.

Hope you feel better soon, Friends!

Saturday, December 31

Bringing in 2017

As I tucked away some treasures of Christmas and set out some old favorites
Family & Friends come to heart~

The laughter shared~
The sadness shared~
New friends to be thankful for~
Life-long friends that I continue to thank God for.

All of you that join me here & on my Facebook page~
You share your heart and lift my heart...
You encourage and support...
We exchange knowledge of materials, hobbies, interests...
Hearts come together in kindness and friendship.

Wishing you a New Year filled with joy and peace, Kind Friends!