Friday, October 21

Snowmen, sheep and a squirrel!

We have been enjoying beautiful Autumn days!
Very little frost...
The vegetable garden continues to share.
We were warned that our fall foliage colors would be minimal.
Not as full, could be dull, muted.
The most beautiful, vibrant and stunning colors in years!
Wish I could share the setting with you~

Came across a row of young oak trees the other day~
There were acorns everywhere!!
Not sure how squirrels & other gatherers have not discovered the nuts!
I could have scooped them up with a shovel & buckets~
I filled my pocket and brought them home for our little gray & red friends.
Gathered some leaves so we can purchase the same oak varieties for
our back yard!

I used Instant Antique spray for this snow friend~
Pure white is beautiful...
I love the textural results of the antiqued floss on my more
primitive snowmen friends!
(Instant Antique is available from Primitive Gatherings)

Most of my punch needle designs are interpretations from
my original watercolor paintings~
The top image is a color printout of my original watercolor painting.
I painted this little meadow scene in 1996.

I originally punched the sheep with white & taupe colors~
They didn't stand out enough to me... the whole design was too cold.
Painting with threads is a little different than painting with watercolor!
Now I want to paint the scene with brown sheep!

Our snowman looks sad that my sheep lost their coats of white!
Soon to have their coats of brown, gray & black~
The one color I just love in this piece is the scarf~ DMC 4130!
It is variegated... rich harvest colors!
She has her November scarf on~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends! 

Wednesday, October 12

Painted Acorn punch needle heart

I couldn't get through the harvest season without a few
punch needle hearts!

Once I close the windows and accept that our warm days have passed~
I completely enjoy Autumn.
The colors, the harvest~
Bringing some of those colors indoors to warm heart & home!

Wishing your hearts every sweet happiness!

Monday, October 3

Flow blue needle minder

Hello, Friends!
I hope your October is off to a great start!

It is no secret that I love flow blue...
Red Rooster Fabrics designed their Flow Blue Garden collection
from my original watercolor paintings!

I have been experimenting with printing my original watercolors
onto fabric... the image stays set~ I hope to make it brighter.

My needle minder is a bit on the large size... 5" x 7"
All hand stitched as I still do not know my way around
a sewing machine~
Added some vintage china buttons!
Perfectly reminders of treasured flow blue spice jars & plate chips!

Two antique lace treasures with blue & white pins~

It is always fun to add pen & ink illustrations to my projects...
Little character!
Pocket saved from one of the kids bluejeans!

Handmade... always from the heart!

Thank you for visiting here~
Wishing your heart every happiness!

Tuesday, September 13

Acorn Pincushions

These little buttons are perfect for the bittersweet themed pinkeep!
Pins with golden yellow & red heads...

Vegetable ivory buttons look like acorns...

This vintage gear button was perfect for my acorn wheel!

So much in life starts small... 
Hard work and determination~

I had a teacher who taught me to have strong foundations.
Build several sturdy legs to your table.
If one leg weakens~ the others will hold it up.
Then don't neglect the weak spot. Immediately work to restore strength.

I hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!
Stay strong & I hope you find a creative project, too~

Friday, September 9

Nautical Punch Needle~

"Freedom Lighthouse" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Sailing into another weekend!
September has arrived and the first week has disappeared already~
I started this punch needle piece on Labor Day.
It was nice to put work aside and enjoy time with Dear Hearts!

How I love red, white & blue...

Beginning stitches...
Detail work first~

Sometimes colors need to be pulled & changed as the design progresses...

Hope your September is off to a great start, Friends!
Wishing you a relaxing weekend~

Thursday, September 1

Hello, September punch needle designs!

'Jack O Lantern Hill" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

No matter the shape of my fall pumpkin...
Tall and narrow,
Short and flat...
Smooth or bumpy...
No matter how much planning I did to carve a really neat face~
The eyes always ended up as triangles.
The nose was always long and narrow.
It always had a smile~

"Bushel and a Peck" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

The orchards are full~
We have been very short on rain this summer. Drought conditions.
The limbs are heavy but holding onto all of that precious fruit!
Little road-trips in the country... smells so good!

Hope your September is filled with harvest goodies & creative projects!
Thank you for stopping by, Friends~

Monday, August 15

"Blackbird Swamp" Copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Just around Oak Tree Bend...down Wheat Fields Hill~
You arrive at Blackbird Swamp!
Where the cattails sway in the wind & 
Red-winged Blackbirds perch.
They welcome you with their cheery calls!

A favorite place to explore on a sunny summer day~
Frogs called out from watery hide-a-ways...
Milk cows spotted surrounding hills &
occasionally looked my way with some curiosity.

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~

Friday, August 5

Eastern Black Swallowtail in the dill

My wee little patch of dill has the most beautiful 
Black Swallowtail visitors!
No worries... I can purchase dill pickles at the local farm market~
Chew on little friends!

If I hold really still... maybe she won't see me!

Way down yonder in the little dill patch~

So amazing~

Color palette of the food and the caterpillar match <3 p="">

Hope your Friday is off to a great, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, August 2

Harvest of punch needle fun!

"Trick or Treat Boot" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

We are experiencing drought conditions this summer~
It has limited how much gardening can be done.
I'm able to get more work finished since I'm not digging & weeding.
That means more play time!
More punch time!

"Harvest Crow on Enamelware" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

How fun it was to use up some bits & pieces of floss that were left over!
Border of many colors!
Harvest colors~

"Pumpkin Hill" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

I did this one earlier in the year~
Something about sheep!
When I purchase roving for needle felting the farmers allow me to 
visit with their sheep. They come running to their keepers like puppies!

"Walking on Sunshine" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Sunflowers and bumble bees~
I could punch, paint, sketch sunflowers from Springtime through Fall!
They bloom early in the growing season here because chipmunks
bury sunflower seeds all over our yard!
They have little keeping spaces too close to the surface & we let them grow!

"Pumpkin & Crow" copyright 2015 Michelle L. Palmer

Black has so many colors reflected in it~
So does this crow!

"Painted Corn Crow" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

I wonder if each kernel tastes different for them?!
We have grown painted corn, miniature Indian corn, strawberry corn...
blue corn (a variety of flint maize) 
It is so much fun to pull back the husks & reveal the colors!

Hope your August is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!
I'm not rushing summer away~
August is filled with beauty!

Tuesday, July 19

Harvest Acorn Punch Needle

When a few cool days spill into summer heat... 
Acorns & harvest designs appear!
I am in no hurry for Fall (though it is my favorite season) as I
love to spend time in the gardens surrounded by the hum of bees and
visited by butterflies passing by.

A little bit of plum, mixed with just the right salmon...
Add a dash of gold & a pinch of rust!
My favorite recipe to cook up~

My husbands parents are furniture upholsters.
Retired now~ for 30+ years I was influenced by the historic and traditional
fabrics they brought to antique seating.
Flamestitch was always one of my favorites!
How it brought gentleman's chairs back to life~

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, July 8


Praying for peace in our land.
Praying that love will prove more powerful~

Saturday, June 25

Antiquing DMC embroidery floss~

I have a few patterns designed that require muted colors~
I love to work with DMC floss & this spray lets me control
how much antiquing I want to add & the finished results are variegated.
Found 'Instant Antique' spray at a nearby quilt shop. 
There is a label warning: "Do not consume. Keep away from children."

I slid the labels off DMC cotton embroidery floss...
(so pretty!)

Just a few squirts down the line...

I flipped them over and pulled them into the little stain puddles...

I want to maintain some of the original color for brightness~

Pulled them apart just a touch & gave a 2nd squirt down the line...

DMC 746 is one of my favorite colors.
Easy to see the pretty variation you can get with just a few squirts!

Beautiful! Variegated!

Don't they look delicious?!

I'll share finished work here soon!
Hope your weekend is off to a great start~

Wednesday, June 22

Rise and Shine rooster punch needle

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine selected my
'Rise & Shine' rooster design for their One Year Anniversary Issue!!

Every issue is packed full of wonderful projects~
So much talent!

"Painting with threads..."
Punch needle is a nice excursion from my watercolor painting
and design work. I am inspired to translate my original paintings
into fiber art patterns!
I originally planned to start a rug hooking hobby in 2011.
When I went to purchase all of the tools and materials
the shop owner could see the glazed look in my eyes.
I knew I would enjoy it! I knew I could do it!
However--- where would I store it all?
My studio is small and already filled to the rafters with paints, fabrics,
reference material... books, feathers, linens, shells, etc. (you know...)
We walked around her charming shop and I saw a
finished punch needle piece & fell head over heels for it!
I was hooked! ;)
The shop owner gathered the materials and sent me off.
Two days later I was back at her door with a finished design.
She asked me how I did it? I told her, "I simply painted with threads."

Punch needle work is very relaxing.
I love to bring my paintings to life with DMC floss... 
DMC colors match my designs so nicely and they have such a huge selection.

Hope your summer is off to a creative start, Friends!
All the best to you!