Wednesday, March 13

"Rabbit & Chickadee Go Gathering" copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

Chickadee has found the perfect assistant! 
Rabbit will deliver her sweet treat to the base of the tree
where her nestlings await dessert!
Perhaps Mr. Chickadee will bring home a dollop of whipped cream.

Rabbit will rest in the shade and enjoy his snack before heading home
with a pussy willow bouquet for his family.

Our pussy willows have started to open!
Little fuzzy buds trying to break through their winter shells...
Nice to see hints of Springtime.
We have a few sprigs tucked in a jar with water.
They will be fully open by the end of the week~

Hope your March days have been a little more sunny...
A touch warmer and filled with happiness, Friends~

Thursday, February 14

Wool hooked rug Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope your day is filled with sweet, sweet kindnesses~

Flow blue always warms my heart!
This wool heart is on the front of a project bag...
A class I took from Diane Phillips.
Everyone in the class had the same template~
It is always exciting to see how different & beautiful everyone's project is!

The night before the class I decided to make a test piece.
Still new(er) to rug hooking~ I'm never exactly sure how things will come together.
I wanted my color palette to be flow blue because I had
plenty of pre-cut wool strips.
These washy flowers could be made smaller or larger depending
on the bag template. Making a test piece helped me to get
a feel for how much wool would be required, too.

Still have plenty of these wool strips so I hope to 
turn my little test piece into a small table runner.

Hope you're staying safe and warm through these winter storms~
Wishing your heart happiness, always!

Friday, February 1

Winter Watering Cans Hooked Rug

 'Winter Watering Cans' copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Pup and I enjoyed a salmon-peachy-hot pink sunrise.
Hello, February!
Lake gray is being pushed back~
So nice to see the sunshine two days in a row!

My watering cans are coming along.
Hope to have this rug finished over the weekend... what to do next!?
I do think I will choose a warmer season (giggle)

Cardinals at the feeder have been all fluffed up to stay warm~
Glad the frigid windchills are moving out.

Sharing progress pictures from weekend to weekend~
This is our Ash tree. Sad to say we have to take it down in the Spring.
The Emerald Ash Borer that is killing so many is the cause.

The tree is dark at the base~
Lighter, lighter and lightest as it touches the sky.

Little pop of color to add a touch of warmth to winter days~

I love old watering cans!
These oldies have weathered many seasons.
The bottoms push out a little when ice builds inside... 
Doesn't bother us~ adds to their charm!
Never stops us from bringing them home from a sale~

Bittersweet foreground~

It's always exciting to begin a new rug project~
Very different from a new painting...
Wool hooking takes a fair amount of time to get a feeling of progress.
As small sections come together interest and excitement builds!
Then it becomes hard to put down the project! 

Hope you're all staying healthy, warm and happy!

Wednesday, January 23

Little Mouse punch needle~

 "Spring Stitches" Little Mouse Collection copyright 2019

Hi Sweet Friends!
I hope your New Year is off to a great start~

My furry little friend has one of the coziest perches in the house!
How I love to gather and use vintage pincushions.
Especially tomato & strawberry pinkeeps.
Every sewing basket that I can remember (and there were a lot of them)
had a bright red tomato, with matching emery sand strawberry, tucked inside. 
I would pull them out and straighten all of the pins~
Organize the straight pins by color, the needles by size.
Then I would dig to the basket bottom and find all of the buttons~
String them together with thread by size & type.
Gram, mom, neighbors & aunts were probably happy for a quiet minute!

This little Sparrow was a joy to design & punch~
It took me as long to add the mini pom pom trim and
flannel backing as it did to punch the entire piece!
I admire the talent and attention to detail that folks put into
finishing their works. I'm going to make a better effort to finish
each of my punch needle works a little differently.
I framed mine for years... dust free & protected from pets.

 "Peppermint Stroll" copyright 2018

These snow friends are in the 2019 Christmas-Winter issue of
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
I added a little tutorial on how I achieve a plush and velvety texture by
punching with a longer loop and snip the very tips off.

I found the vintage trim for 'Peppermint Stroll' at a local thrift shop.

 "Winter Perch" copyright 2019

Rug Hooking Magazine is celebrating their 30th year of publication!
I was honored when they asked me to share an
article and punch needle pattern~
Winter is so much warmer with these loud friends at the feeder!

Hope you're all staying cozy and that your hearts are happy~
Thank you for visiting, Friends

Monday, December 31

December Hoar Frost

Every blade of grass~

Every gently twisted tendril~

Blanketed with frosted crystals.

December shared one more beautiful and peaceful dawn~

The field dances with dried plants~
Still plenty of seeds available for our feathered friends.
Still standing after coatings of ice, feet of snow and blustery winds!

Wishing you a safe, happy and joyful New Years Eve!

Praying your New Year is filled with peace, love and great health~
Thank you for sharing your year with me!
I hope you will join me here again throughout 2019!

Friday, December 21

Antique and vintage linen treasures

 Winter whites warm my heart~
With some warmer days I started adding some forget me nots and hearts!

I know the winter winds will continue to bring storms and frigid temperatures~
For now we will enjoy a few warm moments & the whisper of Spring.

Hearts so tender~
I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful season!


This rooster piece became mixed in...
It was the perfect excuse to sketch a nesting hen!

It smells like forget me not weather~
I couldn't help but add a wreath of love!

Wishing you a joy-filled Holiday Season~
Praying that family and friends arrive safe and sound!
May wonderful new memories be written on your hearts~

Wednesday, November 28

Rug hooking patterns~

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
The four of us were together for a quiet dinner. It was nice to hold still as
both Alaina and Will work retail/entertainment. A busy time for them.
Dean and I are so grateful for their love and laughter.

So hard to believe December is just a blink away!
I have been trying to finish "Jasper & Snickers," my donkey rug,
so that I can start on a prim Santa project!
I translated this prim friend from one of my paintings... he is such a tease.
Those eyes!
I'm not good at starting new rugs while one is still unfinished. 
Not a bad thing but I would LOVE to work on a seasonal piece
at the same time and not feel guilty~ (giggle)
I think it is because I don't want to confuse wool palettes
in my small project area.

I have added some new rug hooking patterns to my Etsy Shop
They are hand drawn onto primitive linen.
I do my best to keep lines straight on the grain.

'Buffalo Check Santa' with his bluebird of happiness!
Inspired by one of my punch needle designs, the smaller size has a starry sky.

'Buffalo Check Santa' with his bluebird of happiness~
The larger size has the same twig border and tree...

'White Birch Snowman' with his Cardinals~ based on my punch needle design.

'White Birch Snowman' with his Cardinals~ based on my punch needle design.

'Jasper and Snickers' are coming along! 
There are not enough 'play' hours to the day~
I never want to rush just to get something finished.
Snickers face is almost done! That is the most challenging part for me,
capturing the likeness and character. Once I finish his eye area and those ears...
I will be able to zip the soil in and crochet the edges!

Always thinking of hearts that are recovering from hurricanes,
flooding, fires, health emergencies and family loss~
You're never far from our hearts and prayers.

Wishing your hearts joy~

Friday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello, Friends!
Happy Thanksgiving~
I hope you have been surrounded by those you love.
With so many destructive storms, fires and illness~
Please know you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Has been a while since I posted... I had lost my password.
All reset and updated!
I have so much to share with you!
Will begin to catch up this week~

Thankful for you~
It is always so nice to meet each of you here.
Thank you for visiting, commenting... following along my creative journey!
Thank you for supporting my art.
My whole family appreciates you and your kindness~

Wishing you a creative Holiday Season!
Wishing your hearts peace, joy and love~

Monday, October 1

Wool hooked Donkey~

Jasper & I would like to wish you beautiful October days!

This big fella is a wonderfully cozy wool blanket
while I'm working on him~
He's gaining weight with every strip! 
...I think I am, too! (giggle)

All the best to you, Friends!

Monday, September 24

Donkeys Hooked Rug~

Sweet Jasper & Snickers~ 39" x 30" copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

These furry loves have been very patient!
A beautiful summer... a very hot summer, I started this rug in early July.
Too much wool to have covering my lap until the cooler days arrived.

In a blink our evenings are chilly and the donkeys are perfect
to relax with after work~

I was a little nervous to begin Jasper...
He is the sweetest fella and I hope to capture a likeness.
From a distance animals have a general similarity~
Up close, they're unique.
Up close, they're endearing.
They touch and come close~

I'll share pictures as Jasper and Snickers fill in more~
Working with #4, #6 and #7 strips on primitive linen.

Wishing you joy-filled Autumn days, Friends!

Wednesday, August 29

Punch needle Holsteins & Chickadees~

Copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

Punching projects!
I added new patterns to my shop this week~
The chickadees are five separate patterns, a collection.
I punched my model of them as one long piece... something different.

 Punching is relaxing... but I don't know when to stop.
Hands and fingers grow weary~

Nexcare by 3M makes a wonderful tape~
has a little cushion to it!
Found in most drug stores.
Apply the amount that works best for your comfort.

It stays put and stays clean...

No sticky residue.

Wrapped around tiny needle felting tools~
Good to go for hours!
Did you say laundry? Dishes to wash? I'll get to them...

I had to get my August girls finished before September arrived!
A very painterly piece~
Now that they are finished I wish I would have punched them
twice this size so that I could add even more detail.

The perfect excuse to design a hooked rug of them!

I think miss matched tea cups are charming~
Antique shops are filled with single beauties just waiting to held again.
Always fun to see which cup friends choose. I gravitate toward the blue ones.

Chickadees love to perch on stems & tendrils when we decorate for Harvest.
I think they would enjoy some pumpkin spice tea on frosty mornings!

I have added a paper pattern of the entire Pumpkin Tea collection to my Etsy shop.
Punched in a row just as I made the models.
They're also available individually~
I thought this would be fun to offer!

Hope you have a wonderfully creative Labor Day weekend, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~