Tuesday, October 6

Crow with the button jar!

I have misplaced a jar of tiny buttons.
They are in this studio somewhere~

If you happen to see a crow flying by with my button jar...

Hope your day is filled with creative, Sweet Friends!

Saturday, September 26

Punch needle sunflower~

~The Sunflower~
My latest punch needle project!

My first sketches have a large star in the center of the sunflower~
As I started adding details to the petals the star seemed too prim.
This seed area is more fitting.
You will see my beginning sketch below~

I think of my punch needle works as 'painting with strings'
Same amount of detail as a watercolor painting... only with fibers!

Blue and yellow~
My most favorite pairing!

Here you can see the large star I had sketched from the beginning...

After hanging laundry on the line I walked around the bird feeders
to see if there were any feathers~
A little bit of blue!

A kiss of sunshine!

First colors being added...
Had I kept the petals simple yellow/gold~ I would have been able
to use the initial sketch with the star center.
Perhaps I will try it next time!

So many color variations~
A true palette of beauty!

Tuesday, September 22

Injured Robin~

We met this morning~
She flew into one of my studio windows.

I sat with her until she could fly again.
Making sure she was able to take as much time
as she needed without the stray cats & hawks moving in.

 Her breathing calmed & she started looking around!
I encouraged her to build her Spring nest in the backyard~

Hope you're having a wonderful day, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, September 15

Vintage Linens...

I was in an antique shop along the Erie Canal & found a little flower linen.
It was crinkled up and browned... 
There was a 2nd one!!!!
(My little prayer was for just one more... just one more!)

As I searched the entire booth, under every blanket~
Between every table cloth and linen!
There were five!

With arms filled with various vintage treasures,
my heart skipped a beat over these!

After their gentle soak in mild laundry detergent & a dash of Oxy Clean
they were even more beautiful!

As I was pressing them the ideas were swirling in my mind!!
Should I draw top views of frogs on them (lily pads?)
Should I draw five different flowers with their botanical names?
Should I draw butterflies on them?
Should I pattern them?

Some of my favorite quotes & fuzzy bees kept coming to my heart!

These are on their way home to Nevada!
A dear heart who LOVES BEES will give them the love they deserve~

Hope your September has been off to a great start!

Friday, August 28

Punch needle, Pumpkin & Crow!

Cool August nights~
Corn fields changing colors...
Colorful leaves beginning to spot the lawns!

Fall colors are so delicious!
Started my 'Pumpkin & Crow' punch needle last night.
Now I want to make a pumpkin pie!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sweet Friends!

Sunday, August 9

Punch needle whale & dolphins~

"Down by the Sea" copyright Michelle L. Palmer

He is swimming with the dolphins today...
Sir Whale is finished & ready for framing!

"Flow Blue Skeps" copyright Michelle L. Palmer
Is just home from the frame shop...
Framed with museum glass (zero glare) to protect
the colors and keep it preserved.
Sherry's Bear & Frame Shop in Seneca Falls

Sharing Sir Whale's progress (backwards...)

I use all cotton floss...
Six strands & three strands.

His coat of many colors...

I sketch my design lightly in pencil and then add some contour lines
with three strands... then I start filling in and painting with strings!

'Sir Whale' was his name before I started adding color...
As I was stitching along I was humming, "Down by the Sea..."
Still hum it when I see it!

Hope you have a wonderful week, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, August 4

Creative bits & pieces~

Wouldn't it be fun to pull up to an acorn stand?
I would purchase a cup or twelve...

Pumpkins are peeking through the fields of leaves!

This little love is ready to share his heart~

Acorn tea!
This little sparrow is preparing tea for her friends!

Started a new punch needle project... can you see him?

"Down by the sea..." that's the tune playing in my head while I work!

Hope you're having a creative summer, Sweet Friends!

Thursday, July 16

Punch needle owl~ 'Starry Night'

"Starry Night Owl" is nearly finished!
Just need to add color to my three oak leaves~

Hope your day is filled with sunshine & happiness!

Tuesday, July 14

Punch needle owl~

Hope you have been having a wonderful summer so far, Friends!
We have had more rain than usual so the mosquitoes are fierce.
Instead of pulling weeds after work and itching bites
for the remainder of the evening
I have started to catch up on projects I had started.

My little owl friend has been very patient...
Waiting for wings and feathers~

Some projects get pushed aside for months & I lose interest.
This one was easy to pick up and start on again!
I think I heard our little friend sigh with relief (giggle)

Wishing you sunny days and wonderful memories~

Thursday, July 2

Americana Owls~

We have had a cool and rainy start to our summer~
The weeds are dancing in the gardens & mosquitoes are viscous.
So I stitch!
Little breaks from painting...

I made a Sweet 16 collection of Americana owls~
When the last one had its beak I think they broke out in patriotic song!
Hand sewn bodies from tea stained muslin and dressed with
vintage fabrics and trims that I have been gathering for years.

They all have big hearts... some show it on the outside~

Stars & stripes... 

Ruffles and florals~

This little hat was fun!
Shabby little friends~
Rough edges to look like ruffled feathers...

The choir of owls... can you hear them singing?
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 24

Embroidery~ Stitching at lunch

I am always drawn to stitches.
Fancy. Simple. Pattern. Free-style. Gentlework... all of it!
Decided this would be a neat time to learn some basic stitches!

Alaina and I are taking a few minutes each day (lunchtime break)
to learn a stitch or two! We started today with straight & satin stitches.
I had some troubles getting the stem stitch in a straight line.
I will share pictures of Alaina's work in my next post...
had to let her get back to work!

Love having our daughter back from the West...
She makes everything so much more creative!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!