Tuesday, May 24


It is very difficult to stay still in my studio chair when the garden is calling~

It is best to bring the garden inside from time to time~

Especially when it smells so heavenly~

Beauty I will never be able to capture!

Colors that inspire~

A gradient wash of dark to light!

Each with their own name~

Some have giant petals... others are petite~
Some have no fragrance!

We named this variety 'Home' because I dug and relocated several suckers
from my mom and dads gardens when we moved here 25 years ago!

How I wish I could share their beautiful scent with you~
Wishing your heart joy!

Thursday, May 19

Copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Alaina and I drove from New York to Arizona two summers back~
This design has been in the works since our journey.
Each state along the way had its own beauty and
unique characteristics~
The soil colors changed...
The landscape became open & endless.
The cultures rich and the people along the way~ AMAZING!

Alaina helping me select the perfect background colors~

My Grandma Newtown was Native American~ a treasured heritage.
I didn't have the privilege of knowing her. She passed long before my birth.
 My dad was an amazing man
who spoke of her often and loved her dearly.
Alaina's love of heritage and history~ of nature and this beautiful land
would make her extremely proud.

Hope your day is filled with beauty~

Friday, May 13

Rise & Shine Rooster punch needle~

Celebrating their First Year Anniversary!

"Rise & Shine" Rooster in Sunflowers is one of my patterns!
PN & PS selected it to be on their cover!
I started 'painting with threads' several years ago as a hobby~
I shared a post about my first snowman here!
It helps me to step away from the studio and unwind at night.
(Helps me to stay awake after 8pm, too!) 

Facebook and blogging friends had asked if I would write patterns~
I finally had the courage to write patterns after subscribing to PN & PS.
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine is a wonderful publication.
It is filled with patterns, tips, hints and creative ideas.
Project levels from beginners to people who stitch in their sleep ;)
I just know you will be inspired!

Thank you for encouraging me, Sweet Friends!
Hope your weekend is filled with creative~

Monday, May 9

Punch needle Lab pup~

I think this Patriotic Lab and his companion, Bluebird of Happiness,
enjoy their daily travels!
Searching out ducks and bunnies...
Jumping in puddles and ponds...
Enjoying sunsets...

A set of two patterns!
I think they would make fun magnets~
The oval shape would be fun added to a tote bag, too!

Another set of two patterns~
Our weather has been a bit cold...
The gardens are calling yet the wind has a chill.
Bees have been dashing around the dandelions that have popped up!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Sunday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day~

Happy Mother's Day, Friends!
Celebrating all women who share their hearts, wipe tears,
patch up skinned knees and troubled hearts~ 
Women who share hugs, smiles and encouragement. 
Women who build things, cook things & clean things
while cuddling a little one on your hip~
Women who balance impossible tasks while
tucking precious hearts in with bedtime stories. 
Women who cheer on, deliver from place to place,
keep meals on the table no matter the budget~
Women who strive to be their very best no matter how tired~
Women who hear what is not being said...heart emoticon
For loving unconditionally... heart emoticon
Wishing you the most wonderful Mother's Day~

Monday, April 18

Punch needle botanical pansy & grape hyacinth

Pansies make me smile!
No two faces are the same~
Finished two more botanical punch needle pieces over the weekend
I have several pansy designs in punch needle~
I will be writing those patterns soon!

Our grape hyacinths are a bit behind this year~
The cold snap and late snows have them taking their time!

As the days continue to warm and April showers sprinkle down...
Gardens will be bursting with blossoms soon!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Saturday, April 16

Punch needle projects

Hi Friends!
I hope your Saturday is off to a sunny start!
We have escaped the cold snap that kept bringing snow~
Each day this week has been getting a little warmer...
Today & tomorrow are expected to share high 60's!

I don't fuss in the gardens much before the end of April~
We can be blanketed with frost through early May.
So I have been Spring cleaning in the studio!
We close it up during the winter months as it is a small sun-porch.
It was not insulated to be part of the house.
Insulation will be added when we have a new roof put on~
Oh the fun to be able to enjoy it all year!

I have been adding to my punch needle pattern collection~
Little bit of Spring...
Little bit of Fall...
Flowers and bunnies....

Bees will be humming soon...
I'm sure I will still be punching new works~
They will be inspired by the garden!

In the studio now~
Two more botanical pieces! They are number 4 & 5 of 20 in the collection.

Hope your Spring days are filled with sunshine & just enough rain~
Wishing your hearts joy!

Friday, April 1

Little Sparrows... little Starlings~

How beautiful to witness a Starling murmuration~ 
Hundreds of birds lyrically moving through the sky!
(I think they each have something to say...)

Swarms of birds dancing through the sky~
"You are loved!"

Lyrically swaying from side to side, "Toss in some seeds this year!"

Swooping down & sharing their joy!

How beautiful these spontaneous waves of flight are~

April is going to bring us some  s n o w . . . 
The birds may need some woolens!
That's okay~
The days are growing longer!

A little flower girl...

Hope your Friday is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Monday, March 21

Sunflower punch needle~

"Walking on Sunshine" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Little mounds of sunflower seedlings will soon begin popping up
all around our yard. We always have a small village of chipmunks
racing around our little property. It would be fun to have little
cameras attached to their backs... follow their mischievous travels.
Probably better that I don't know!
They are like spiderman on our brick exterior~
Up, down, sideways, chasing each other... the cats go mad!

I gather up the little seedlings and relocate them to the vegetable garden.
The bees enjoy the blossoms, the Jays enjoy the dried heads...
Sunflowers bring sunshine~
Hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!

Sunday, March 20

Bee on linen~

I love to make gifts.

Alaina and I stopped in a few nearby gift shops looking for a gift.
There are treasures everywhere~ but not that exact something.
I know when I see the perfect thing...

I have a bin of pretty linen colors~
Years back, Alaina & I found several pieces of FLAX by Jeanne Engelhart
at a thrift. We have used bits and pieces... this is part of a sleeve.

I sketched my bee with a pastel pencil...

Gorgeous DMC linen floss~
I like that it is not shiny.

A little bit of stitching & little bit of punch needle.
Stretched, pinned, mounted onto a piece of acid free foam board~

I added framing spacers so the punch needle area doesn't
press against the glass.

A little something to wrap and share.

Hope your Sunday is off to a great start!
Wishing you a wonderful week~

Saturday, March 19

Hugs and stitches!

A few gifts to make!
Linen floss is so pretty~
Hugs go into everything handmade...

Hope you're having a creative weekend, Friends!

Thursday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Clover" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Dancing in patches of clover today!
The sun has peeked through from a very long, gloomy stretch~
It will tease the other springtime flowers to peek through!

Hope your St. Patrick's Day celebrations are safe and
filled with cheerful delights!

Friday, March 4

Punch needle geranium~

I hope your Friday is off to a great start, Friends!

'Geranium' is the 2nd pattern from my Botanical Collection~
copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

When we first moved into our home a little lady with snow white
hair came up through our back yard to introduce herself.
With her straw hat in hand she stood and chatted for a while
and then asked if we could help her move her
potted geraniums indoors for the winter.
I think we may have been expecting our first heavy frost.
She had brought her red & pink geraniums inside season after season...
I think they were over 8 years old when we started helpiing her!
Each Fall we helped her relocate her back-step-beauties.
Pauline's geraniums~
Flowers always remind me of special hearts.

Wishing you a wonderfully creative weekend~

Tuesday, March 1

Hello, March and childhood memories~

March has arrived!
It had to be patient for one extra day... let's hope it doesn't stir up a storm!

Spring is just around the corner...
Red wing blackbirds and robins
were here singing again this morning!

"Strawberry Patch" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

When I was young we had the most delicious strawberry patch!
I would lay on my back, in between the shrub-like rows and
stare up at the bright blue sky~
Careful to not hurt any of the runners that crossed the path of straw...
I would snack until full~ discovering animals in the cloud formations drifting by.

"Maple Syrup Perch" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Springtime brought sugaring time!
I loved to walk about the wood checking sap bucket covers...
The crunch of melting snow & twigs.
Songbirds coming near~
They were just as excited to welcome a break from the winter freeze.

Hope your first day of March is filled with great memories!

Thursday, February 25

Punch needle Carrot Patch Rabbit and Lilac~

"Carrot Patch Rabbit" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Hope your week has been going great, Friends!
I've been having working on a punch needle botanical collection.
Lilac is the first pattern I wrote from my designs. 
Twenty different flowers~ I am itching to garden!
Bunnies seem to be hopping around the studio... the kitchen table...
In hoops, on linens...

"Lilac" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Some of these storms have been fierce~
Keeping all of you tight in prayer...