Friday, January 20

Friday, January 13

Black sheep Valentine punch needle~

"Black Sheep in the Posies"
Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

My first pattern for 2017!
A Valentine~

We have been enjoying some of the most beautiful sunrises~
Peach, salmon... hot pink... fire-tones!
Makes the studio glow so pretty.
I can't work in my studio during winter months~
Too cold.
No matter the temperature I love to spend a bit of time
out there in the mornings.
Putting together projects... sorting... organizing...

This wooly friend is sharing a bouquet of sunrise with you!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Saturday, January 7

Tea with honey~

"Did you say honey?"

Tea and honey have helped my cough...
Fever and the flu hit me Christmas Eve.
Hearing about so many of you coming down with horrible chest colds & the flu~
Take care & add honey.
Has been nearly two weeks~ finally starting to get some energy back.

Hope you feel better soon, Friends!

Saturday, December 31

Bringing in 2017

As I tucked away some treasures of Christmas and set out some old favorites
Family & Friends come to heart~

The laughter shared~
The sadness shared~
New friends to be thankful for~
Life-long friends that I continue to thank God for.

All of you that join me here & on my Facebook page~
You share your heart and lift my heart...
You encourage and support...
We exchange knowledge of materials, hobbies, interests...
Hearts come together in kindness and friendship.

Wishing you a New Year filled with joy and peace, Kind Friends!

Tuesday, December 27

Punch needle snow friends

'Woodland Snowman & Fox" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Hope your Holiday Season has been wrapped in hugs and love, Sweet Friends!
I found myself down with a fever and flu-like symptoms~
Beginning to feel better and grateful for healing.

Two new punch needle projects to share with you~
My husband and children surprised me with toys for Christmas!
Rug hooking frame, wool cutter... hooking tools... fabric to hook on!
I have wanted to learn rug hooking for 10+ years.
A few jobs to do and then I will be able to play!

'Warm Heart Snowmen' copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

In the village there is a clearing~
A small meadow where two snowmen share conversation.
Share their hearts~

Hope your Holiday Season is relaxing and filled with happiness, Friends!

Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas, Sweet Friends!

Merry Christmas, Sweet Friends!
Wishing you a Holiday Season filled with joy and wonderful memories~

Hope your travels are safe and your heart happy~
All the best to you!

Tuesday, December 20

I have caught up on my work a little bit~
I close up business and enjoy
punch needle projects in the evenings again!

I think we have six film versions of A Christmas Carol~
We have watched two so far this season .
Bob Cratchit has the coolest old hats!
I'm sure this snow friends hat looks similar to one of them~

Another design is in my hoop~
I hope you are finding a little bit of time each day to be creative~
Wishing you a joy-filled Holiday Season!

Friday, December 16

Winter weather

From clear to blizzard conditions...
Thunder snow to sunshine~ 
Whipping winds relocating all of it!
Quick changes and treacherous roads.

So many of us seem to be in a wave of storms~
Gathering up coats, hats, scarves & mittens for shelters today.

Praying all are safe~

Hope you have a cozy & relaxing weekend, Friends!

Monday, December 5

Punch Needle Blue Christmas Santa

My heart has experienced many blue Christmas seasons~
You still have hope, joy, love...
You still share gifts and good will...
There is a longing.
Someone is missing and nothing can fill that empty spot. 

When a cardinal visits~
all dressed in red, 
there is love.
A tender moment when someone we loves comes to mind. 

How I LOVE to design, paint, collect, punch, felt etc. etc. flow blue!
No matter how blue I may feel~ it warms my heart!

l hope your Holiday Season is brimming with joy~
Filled with peace~
Touched with love~

Prayers and love to all who have heavy hearts~
You're being thought of and loved.

Thursday, November 24

Friday, November 18

Punch needle Santa's Redwork

'Saint Nicholas' Collection of four~ copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

We had beautiful sunshine & 72 degrees today!
Less than one week until Thanksgiving~
Tomorrow it will be cooler...
Sunday we are expecting a snowstorm...

Planted spring bulbs with my daughter this morning.
So grateful for the beautiful day~
Finished getting the delicate tubers & rhizomes set in peat bins....
Cleared the last flower bed.
Winter can arrive~

The Santa portrait patterns are available in my Etsy shop.
You can use your favorite red or green... even blue!
All of my patterns include the DMC floss colors that I use.

I thought the four of them would make a nice hooked rug...
Four in line would make a neat table runner...
Added to a Christmas stocking...
Made into tree ornaments...
A pretty red pillow with a Santa circle~
Oh the fun!

A season filled with joy!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sweet Friends!

Friday, November 11

Veterans Day

~Veterans Day~
Honoring each of you, with grateful hearts!

Thank you for your service~

Sunday, November 6

Vintage fabric yoyo's

301 of them! They are enjoying a gentle & restoring soak~

I've been enjoying antique shows & shops for 30+ years.
No matter how many shows, shops, festivals we attend~
There is always something fresh & new!

The show wasn't that big...
A high school gym & small cafeteria.
It was packed with some of the most unique and unusual antiques!

Butter paddles in bunches!
They looked like bouquets!
ONE was very unique~ it had a butter press on the handle end!!!
All one piece~
It was very rare and very expensive... inside a case or
I would have tried to capture a photograph.

We brought home a few treasures...
This collection of yoyo's was laying across a long table.
It was dressed with an antique rocking horse,
mounds of linens & table cloths,
crocks & jugs...
cool stuff...
neat stuff...
I just needed to find the price tag........

They are becoming harder and harder to find~
These most treasured patterns.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Kind Friends!
Wishing your hearts every joy~

Monday, October 31

Carved pumpkins~

My carved pumpkin~
Hope you're having a fun day, Friends!

Be safe as you're gathering tricks & treats!

Friday, October 21

Snowmen, sheep and a squirrel!

We have been enjoying beautiful Autumn days!
Very little frost...
The vegetable garden continues to share.
We were warned that our fall foliage colors would be minimal.
Not as full, could be dull, muted.
The most beautiful, vibrant and stunning colors in years!
Wish I could share the setting with you~

Came across a row of young oak trees the other day~
There were acorns everywhere!!
Not sure how squirrels & other gatherers have not discovered the nuts!
I could have scooped them up with a shovel & buckets~
I filled my pocket and brought them home for our little gray & red friends.
Gathered some leaves so we can purchase the same oak varieties for
our back yard!

I used Instant Antique spray for this snow friend~
Pure white is beautiful...
I love the textural results of the antiqued floss on my more
primitive snowmen friends!
(Instant Antique is available from Primitive Gatherings)

Most of my punch needle designs are interpretations from
my original watercolor paintings~
The top image is a color printout of my original watercolor painting.
I painted this little meadow scene in 1996.

I originally punched the sheep with white & taupe colors~
They didn't stand out enough to me... the whole design was too cold.
Painting with threads is a little different than painting with watercolor!
Now I want to paint the scene with brown sheep!

Our snowman looks sad that my sheep lost their coats of white!
Soon to have their coats of brown, gray & black~
The one color I just love in this piece is the scarf~ DMC 4130!
It is variegated... rich harvest colors!
She has her November scarf on~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!