Wednesday, April 1

April Welcome

Wishing you beautiful April days!

Our wrens will arrive in late April, early May~
Windows will be open a crack and their song will flow in.

Take good care, Friends
Praying you're staying strong and healthy.

Thursday, March 26

Free applique pattern~

"Springtime Blossoms" copyright 2020 Michelle L. Palmer

~FREE pattern for your personal use~
I thought it would be fun to have a model to share...
It might take me until next March to finish it!
Much easier to cut out the pieces and hint at
what I'm hoping to come up with~

(Right click on the image, save to your computer & print)
Actual size 8.5" x 11"

A creative hug!
Praying you all stay happy, safe and healthy~

Saturday, March 21

Susan B. Anthony punch needle design~

On my punch needle frame~
Susan B. Anthony
This awesome woman has been in the works since Summer 2019.

Two very exciting events have inspired my design:
Our rug hooking guild is celebrating their 25th year.
Rug Hookers of the Finger Lakes began meeting in 1994 at the
Our guild's biennial hook in is planned for May 2020 and
the rug challenge theme: Coverlet designs!

The second event inspiring my Susan B. project is
Sauder Village, August 2020~ Archbold, Ohio
Please click on the highlighted link for RHW details.

Alaina is a printmaker, she carved Susan B. to print onto canvas bags.
I had hoped to surprise our girl with a finished punch needle and
the 1800's coverlet gift, pictured below, this past Christmas.
That didn't happen!

Alaina collects old quilts, coverlets, blankets...
I had found this loved & worn piece in a small antique shop~
The indigo blue & cream design elements are perfect for framing
Susan B. and the wording most important to me.
I'm working in a vintage red because
Please click on the link for more information about her shawl.

 'Patchwork Lincoln' Copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

Susan B. is the second fiber piece I have designed using
Alaina's beautiful prints!
(I'm looking forward to many more collaborations!)
You can see her woodblock carving of
President Lincoln near her toes!
I was inspired to add quilt blocks to my wool hooked rug pattern~
Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin...
Ohio star & pinwheel squares~
There is a bright yellow patch at the top, I feel he was a guiding light!
Applique style tulips... I had hooked him in the Springtime.
Military gray stars & his birthday.

How I love to watch our daughter design, carve and print.
If you would like to see more of her work please follow her on
Facebook: Avery Hill
Etsy: Avery Hill

"Forget conventionalisms;
forget what the world thinks of you stepping out of your place;
think your best thoughts,
speak your best words,
work your best works,
looking to your own conscience for approval."
Susan B. Anthony

Be safe and well, Friends~

Monday, February 17

Punch needle patterns flow blue & stoneware

'Buttercups & Blue Perch' & 'Springtime in Mumford'
Copyright 2020 Michelle L. Palmer

A person can never have too much blue.
I'm not sure when my love for blue began.
Had to be the delivery room doctor's periwinkle blue scrubs?
Not one of our walls are painted blue.
Our furniture is not blue.
Curtains are not blue.
Cars are not blue.
If we walk through an antique show, thrift shop... auction...
Old blue treasures glow beautiful!
(Some pieces even hop into open arms!)
I'm not the only one to bring broken, singles, mismatched blue home~
Hubby and Alaina have made sure to spoil my heart
with rare pieces. 
I treasure every chip, crack & crazing~
It keeps them in my price range!

Chickadees and buttercups~ Spring is just around the corner!
It will be nice to have the windows open again... 

Gathered my first salt glazed stoneware piece while in college.
Mumford, NY is the home of Genesee Country Village & Flint Hill Pottery.
The pottery shop is always a favorite in the village~ watching the artisans.
We have gathered a few pieces through the years... small scale masterpieces!

Hope your week is off to a great start!
I don't think we are expecting any winter storms...
Tomorrow is expected to be balmy!
Always a sweet tease that spring is just around the corner~

Thank you for stopping by~

Friday, February 14

Love to Share Valentine Pattern

"Love to Share" copyright 2020 Michelle L. Palmer

A little Valentine pattern from my heart to yours!
Punch needle pattern in reverse and the second image
can be enlarged for rug hooking, applique or embroidery.
**Personal use only, Please~

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Saturday, February 1

Flow Blue Winter wool hooked rug

Finished my Fraktur rug collection with Flow Blue Winter!
Now to button up the punch needle patterns of them~

A winter storm is expected for mid-week.
Spent the morning drawing a new rug & color planning
while catching up on laundry.
Something new for evenings!
I should scoot to the grocery store... when ice is in the forecast
memories of extended power outages surface.

'Blackbird on a Sunny Perch" is the first trio finished~
From my original walnut ink & watercolor sketch to
wool hooked rug and punch needle pattern!
It would be fun to design applique patterns for them...
It would be fun to paint the collection in oils...

Hope your February days are filled with love
and cozy projects!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Friends~

Tuesday, January 14

Michelle Palmer Rug Hooking Week

I've been bursting at the seams for several months...
Exciting news to share with you!

I have been invited to teach a punch needle workshop...
at Rug Hooking Week, Sauder Village, in August!

I will have several patterns to choose from
for the workshop...

I have also been invited to share a gallery talk,

From pen and ink illustrations...
(Fraktur & Flourishes collection, homemade walnut ink with watercolor) 
Into wool hooked rugs and punch needle designs!

We will have a vendor booth brimming with handmade treasures!
Punch needle patterns,
Rug hooking patterns,
Hand drawn keeping bags...
Litchfield Hill paper collections...
Pinkeeps, needle minders, tote bags... HoneyDoo Cutters...
I AM SO EXCITED to meet you!

I have butterflies!
It is always a joy to share all that I have learned
through the years... I love to inspire, teach and share time together~

Hope your New Year is off to a great start, Friends!

Tuesday, December 24

Red Fox visit

Our blanket of white has almost completely melted.
Early Sunday morning I peeked out the window for a weather check and
something caught my attention!
Trotting through the back field~
Perhaps returning home from an overnight shift...
Mr. Red Fox

Red fox is so very beautiful and so very helpful.
He and his family will help keep a healthy, natural, balance~
Our ever-growing concern with Lyme disease often begins with
the (adorable and sweet) White-footed mouse.
Rodents have been sampling more vegetables from our garden
than we have! They're becoming a concern.
I strive to remain chemical free and organic.
Praying Mr. Fox meets a local Miss and begin a family
in our neighborhood.

A quick sketch on Sunday so that I would remember
how beautiful the morning was and our special visitor.
The sky was pale gray & light blue with a soft peach glow!

Took a few minutes this morning to add color while
waiting for a special order to completely dry...
The cookie butter needed to warm up to room temperature, too~

Hope your travels are safe and that your hearts are happy, Friends!
Wishing you a joy-filled season~

Friday, December 20

Punch Needle Santa Claus & Cardinal

'Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus!'
I finally found my copy of the wonderful,
Christmas~Mega Issue,
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine!

Well hidden between two Christmas bags...
I thought I had accidentally recycled it!
Not a magazine to recycle... it is brimming with beautiful patterns~

I have been designing punch needle patterns for
upcoming classes along with patterns
for punching my fraktur rugs.
Will have a new pattern to share the week of Christmas~

'Christmas Eve Cardinal' copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

Christmas Eve Cardinal is wishing Santa safe travels as he
prepares for his late night journey around the world!

Praying all of you have safe travels as you visit those you love~
I hope your weekend before Christmas 
is filled with goodness and love!

Sunday, December 15

Christmas Cardinal Fraktur

 "Peace on Earth Cardinal" copyright 2019 Michelle L. Palmer

Christmas No. 5 of 6 in my Fraktur collection~
One more to go.......Winter!
We all know I have plenty of time to complete that season.

I wait until December to trim unruly evergreen limbs.
Branches that hang low when mowing are gently pushed aside.
Yesterday we snipped and gathered white pine, juniper, cypress and English yew~
Natural boughs dress our windows at Christmastime and
through the winter months.
Today we plan to make a batch or two of cookies &
decorate the fresh cut tree~
We support local tree farmers and our songbirds
delight in the shelter it provides from the winter elements!
Early summer, our dried tree and boughs are pulled from the
compost area for 'fragrant' campfires~

Wishing you every joy of this beautiful
Holiday Season, Friends!

Thursday, November 28


"Acorn Perch" copyright Michelle L. Palmer
No. 4 of 6 Fraktur Rug Series

Thankful for you~
Wishing you and yours a beautiful
Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday, November 11

Veterans Day~

~Veterans Day~
We appreciate you and your families.
Our hearts are forever grateful for your commitment
to defend life, liberty and freedom both here in America and
around the world.
Past, present and future~ You're always in our prayers.
Thank you.

Pictured above: My dad, WWII 

Sunday, November 3

Annual Christmas Stocking

Wishing you joy!
~2019 Christmas Stocking~
Three free applique projects to say Thank you!
Thank you for your friendship!
Thank you for your kindness!
Thank you for your patronage!

I have included all three years of stocking projects in this post.
You can use the patterns for punch needle, embroidery,
rug hooking, quilting, applique etc.!
Personal use only, please.

Carolina & House Wrens are with us throughout the summer and early fall.
They cheerfully sing from dawn til dusk.
Every now and then, one will perch on my studio windowsill~

Right click to save the above pattern to your computer~

My stitches are not the prettiest...
It is always exciting to see finished works from all of you!

Plaids, stripes, textures, over-dyed, mottled... so many options!

(Quiver) Sharing a close up of my stitches...

2018 was a plaid red fox!

Right click and save the above pattern to your computer~

I shared this jolly snow friend the first year!

Right click and save the above pattern to your computer~

Black snaps as buttons & eyes...

Twine or craft hemp for snowman arms~

Wishing you beautiful November days!
Filled with creative projects~
Thank you again, Friends!