Thursday, July 2

Americana Owls~

We have had a cool and rainy start to our summer~
The weeds are dancing in the gardens & mosquitoes are viscous.
So I stitch!
Little breaks from painting...

I made a Sweet 16 collection of Americana owls~
When the last one had its beak I think they broke out in patriotic song!
Hand sewn bodies from tea stained muslin and dressed with
vintage fabrics and trims that I have been gathering for years.

They all have big hearts... some show it on the outside~

Stars & stripes... 

Ruffles and florals~

This little hat was fun!
Shabby little friends~
Rough edges to look like ruffled feathers...

The choir of owls... can you hear them singing?
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 24

Embroidery~ Stitching at lunch

I am always drawn to stitches.
Fancy. Simple. Pattern. Free-style. Gentlework... all of it!
Decided this would be a neat time to learn some basic stitches!

Alaina and I are taking a few minutes each day (lunchtime break)
to learn a stitch or two! We started today with straight & satin stitches.
I had some troubles getting the stem stitch in a straight line.
I will share pictures of Alaina's work in my next post...
had to let her get back to work!

Love having our daughter back from the West...
She makes everything so much more creative!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 10

Little loves~

Little hearts that bring us joy~

Helping us to be our best~

Each with our own special gift~

Heart to heart~

The strawberries are so very sweet!
I just know the mice are enjoying their snacks~

Wishing you a wonderful evening, Sweet Friends!

Sunday, May 24

Blue and Yellow...

Found this beautiful fold of vintage yellow fabric~
Not a stain to be seen...
I put it in a light soak for a few hours.

I would agitate it now & again...
When wet it is the color of a lemon!

It has a linen-like feel...

Couldn't wait to get it off the line & pressed~

I had to try blue ink...
Yellow & blue always look sweet together~
Reminds me of a two tone toile fabric!

Red looks sweet, too!

Hope you're having a sweet and sunny Sunday!

Tuesday, May 19

Patriotic Garden~

Having a little fun by adding red and blue ink~
This blue cotton has been a joy to sketch on!

Daisy patterns~

Each one with their own style!

Have seen butterflies early this year~
Do hope the Monarchs find their way back to our gardens!
I have let common milkweed grow up...
Going to add Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Mildweed) this year, too!

Everyone is planting their gardens, beds and flower boxes...
I always enjoy window boxes~ interesting combinations!

Special spots on special days~

So many people work so hard, give so much for our great country~
Will never forget all you have given,
So grateful for all you have done~

Hope your day is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Sunday, May 10

Forget Me Not~

Forget Me Nots make everything beautiful~

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Happy Mother's Day~

Windows are open~
Birds are singing!
Just trimmed a very long Lilac branch...
One bouquet for the table & one for the studio!

Wishing you a day filled with love & laughter~
Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, April 28

Vintage fabric & ink~

Found this small piece of fabric in a basket at an antique shop~
It is linen-like...
Cotton-like with a texture?
I don't know my fabrics, I just LOVE to draw on them!

Sepia ink on soft white~
Little faces very happy to have a sunny day!

The hum of bees in the gardens~
The most welcome sound!

I think of so many things when I'm heading to the garden!
New designs...
What's for dinner... laundry... dishes... dusting...
Calendar programs... fabric collections...
When I bend to pull some weeds~ those thoughts vanish. 
To touch the earth...
Face to face with flowers...
Bees swarming around my head...
I'm content.
My mind quiets~
My soul is fed.

Friends in nature~
Loved, treasured and nurtured!

Hope you have a few minutes to take a little walk today~

Thursday, April 23

Earth Day & Today~

I always try to sneak in a nature walk on Earth Day.
We had grey skies yesterday... nobody told the flowers!
They were just as happy & brilliant as always~

A true Springtime~
Color is slowly opening up.

The sweetest faces!

On a warmer day the pussy willows would be humming with bees!

This is today.
It looks like fairy dust!

Angry fairy dust~

My dad always called late Spring snow,
"Poor man's fertilizer."
(Every little bit of Nitrogen helps)
I think he was trying to find the silver lining~
When the flowers are ready for warmth... so am I!

Wishing you a beautiful day, Sweet Friends~