Thursday, June 15

Wool dyeing from clothing scraps~

Something blue from something old!
Something old~ can become something blue?
I had a few 5" x 5" pieces of navy blue wool suit coat.
I put them in a stockpot to boil & felt for rug hooking.
The secondary dye that bled off made all of these blues!

There was a lot of blue dye remaining. I put a piece of black & white
houndstooth type plaid in the stock pot to pick it up~

It hooks into such a beautiful texture!

The palette of wool that I came up with last week~
I wanted to come up with some muted plum tones for my
'I Love You to the Moon and Back' design.

I t would be fun to bring all of my punch needle patterns to
wool hooked rugs~

I cut some of my pattern colors in advance~
I like to have projects bagged and ready to go for when I have
a  little bit of time to relax.

When I have a good amount of plaid, pattern etc. I like to 
add them to my swatch chart. It helps me when planning a rug.
I like to add texture without having to change colors.

Hope you're having a great day, Friends~
Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, June 11

Flag Day

'Uncle Sam Sampler' copyright 2004 Michelle L. Palmer

We have had several days of sunshine and warmer weather~
The gardens are drying out and the vegetables are starting to shoot up!
Peonies are fragrant and full~ filling the air!

A little bouquet to share with you~

Solomon's Seal





Early Chives


White Campion

Hosta & Poppies~

Variegated Periwinkle Vinca

Blue Flax



Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Friends~

Friday, May 26

Patriotic Teddy Bear punch needle

"Patriotic Bear" copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

This was my first chance to design a punch needle project on
coffee toned weavers cloth.
It did help me to choose a more folk/primitive palette!

I frame most of my punch needle pieces.
The darker weavers cloth will look so pretty as the border~

Memorial Day~ Remembering with a grateful heart.
Wishing you a relaxing weekend and safe travels.

Monday, May 22

Punched Needle Teddy Bear

I keep talking to this little guy in hopes that he will answer me~
'What color for your background, Little Friend?'

Our pup sits tilting his head...
(Confident that he is more deserving of my conversation & attention!)
I will toss some tennis balls with our main furry pal for now.

My little bear friend will have to think on his perfect background~

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~

Friday, May 19

Lilacs & Bee

I would love to send my friend in Nevada a bouquet of lilacs
from our trees for her birthday~
I included all of our lilac colors into one punch needle sprig.
Not as fragrant...
Still from the heart~

We both love to garden and treasure our bee friends.

Saw a few fluffy bumble bees while we enjoyed warmer days!
I think they had a picnic basket & tiny jar of honey...
Our white spirea (bridal veil) is in full bloom.
I bet they patted down the grass underneath  a low hanging
branch and had a nice lunch together~

Hope you have a relaxing weekend, Friends!

Friday, May 12

Wool swatches and samples

~My wool reference guide~
Through the years I have gathered a lot of wool stripes, plaids, patterns etc.
I thought I would eventually use them for wool applique projects.
Then I fell head-over-heels for wool hooking.

I first saw this idea on Pinterest.
Cutting a small swatch of your wool textures and hooking
alongside of it for future reference.
I LOVE the textures!
Some of the hooked areas look just like the swatch~
Others are a great surprise.

One of my favorites...
The black and white diamond-like pattern.
I really like the black & white variegated texture once it is hooked.
I didn't purchase much of it... and now I wish I had more.

I will keep adding patterns and plaids~
This has helped me recognize the possibilities!
The textures will be fun to add to hooked pieces.

Wishing you a wonderful & creative weekend, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~

Monday, May 1

Our Winnie Wren has arrived home for the season~
Perched high in the flowering crabapple tree & calling to a suitor!

Both of these Springtime blues are blooming at the same time~
Beautiful and so very similar!
Above, Brunnera
Below, Forget me not

Our sweet Winnie~
Same house every Spring through the summer months...
Keeping us in song.

When you see them up close you can see the subtle differences~
Brunnera, a deeper blue

Forget me not, sky blue with a kiss of sunshine yellow in the center!

Hope Spring showers are waking up your gardens, too~

Thursday, April 27

Studio Wren Punch Needle

"Studio Wren" copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Our petite little friend always arrives when the forget me nots are blooming!
She will perch in the pines, dance across the fence top...
March across the window ledges!
Can you hear her sweet song?

This punch needle pattern is very painterly~
I used Instant Antique (Primitive Gatherings) to stain the background colors.

Some friends spritz their completed works to age & make them prim.

I like to spritz the floss prior to punching my designs.
Be sure to lay paper down to protect your surface from staining.
Take them out of the wrapper & spread out gently so they don't tangle.
Allow to dry completely before punching.

Hope your day is going great, Friends!
Thank you for stopping by~

Saturday, April 22

Earth Day~ Bees

Earth Day!
We have a cool & damp day but we are planning the vegetable garden!
The bees will have more blossoms soon~

"Earth laughs in flowers" Ralph Waldo Emerson
The bees DANCE in the flowers~

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Friday, April 21

Hooked rug progress~

Started my second hooked rug while waiting for Loves to arrive
home from college for Easter weekend~

Little by little when I can find an hour or two in the evenings~

Strong storms rolled in last night~
While the lightning was on display and the thunder was rocking,
I distracted my self with some flow blue loops!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Monday, April 10

Twins are expected!

My dad had twins as siblings~
My mom had twins as siblings~
I was so very grateful to have one baby at a time!

(Dress is Carter's baby & the little boys onesie is by Oshkosh)
I added the little illustrations to match their nursery themes~

One of my sweetest cousins is expecting fraternal twins!
Girl and a boy!

They were showered with treasures and so very deserving!
The sweetest of families~

These little outfits will only fit them for a short time~
They will forever fit their favorite teddy bears!

When I saw that they had white Onesies on their gift registry
I knew could have some fun with them!
There is an owl tucked in her collection &
I kept most of his illustrations nautical themed.

They can wear them...
Have them made into their first T-Shirt quilt...
Keep them for always~

I cut some of my Finch & Friends flannel fabric in pink for her!
(Red Rooster Fabrics) 
Blue in the same two patterns for the little fella~

The twins have a large & beautiful family & the most amazing friends.
Oodles of loving arms just waiting to hold them!

Precious little hearts~

Hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!