Thursday, October 9

Sixteen Chipmunks...

Have-A-Heart has come to our rescue!
16 Chipmunks...
(can't ya hear the song...16 Candles...)

We have caught 16 and brought them
to the same location where they can
all meet up and have a sweet reunion~
Far, far away...

A painting I did last fall...
(When the family wasn't so large & mischievous)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

SIXTEEN!!! Too funny! Mick has caught about 20-30 WABBITS here over the past couple of winters and we relocated them to the woods and fields about 2 miles from here and cleaned out the brush pile in our yard this summer where they lived.
Hopefully, they'll be too far away to gnaw on our just-planted bushes THIS winter! Although we aren't taking any chances. Mick will fence them in again.
Chipmunks eat all the bird seed! I hope they stay away from your yard and don't gang up on you by telling all the chipmunks in their new home about the great eats at your house!