Thursday, October 16

Garden Journal...

I love writing...jotting...recording...journaling~

We moved into a home that didn't
have one flower plant outdoors.
The piece of earth that was cut away
with a few evergreen shrubs
was covered in these bright white rocks.

We now have eight or nine garden areas.
Our soil is a little we have to
"refresh" the gardens every few years
with peat, compost, manure and fresh mulch.

I have notes, sketches, dates & varieties
recorded & written in several different books~

Last night I tried to watch the debate...
With deadlines, schedules, etc. etc.
I could take any more stress~

So I pulled out a few boxes, folders etc.
and made a new garden times journal.

I have a huge collection of
all different style clothespins...most are old.
I LOVE to hang our laundry on the line.
The clothes smell so fresh,
it saves loads $$$ on the electric bill
and gets me outdoors! my thrift shop diggin' I found
these wee little guys! I grabbed one last
night and put it in my new book as a bookmark!

Happy Day Wishes to all of you~


Debra said...

Hi Michelle,
Isn't it odd-we both collect some of the same things. I have a tall glass filled with old clothes pins. I've never made a journal though-I'd like to do that.
We also moved into this place with the yard barren-all the greenery was in the hedgerows ONLY. I guess the ownwers liked to mow, and hated plants and trees. So I got to do what ever I wanted with the landscape! I planted trees and shrubs first, then eventually the many many garden plots were dug and planted.
Now my grasses are huge and everything looks so lived in. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, how special. Especially your comments to your Dad.

Diane (hugs!)

Debra said...

Michelle, your tags are WONDERFUL..

Anonymous said...

Michelle, You've just inspired me to create a journal of my own!


Michelle Palmer said...

You're both so sweet! I think all 3 of us gather the same fun things~ and love gardens!

I just posted a new blog including the books that inspire me~ I really love the Moleskine's...the paper is so nice to write on~
But when I want to trash my studio...
it is a BALL to try one from these project books.

Told ya I go in EVERY direction!