Sunday, October 12

What A Hoot!

I have seen this project on SEVERAL blogs...
I just can't find them right now~
I wish I could give credit to somebody
because these were so much fun to make!

I did all the sewing by hand~
I'm not the most talented in that area...
Each little friend took
about one hour to make.
It was more difficult to select what colors!

Bend that little pointy top over to
make the sweetest beak!

Too cute!

Since I couldn't find the site~
I'm not sure how the real artist's finished these off.
Maybe a cardboard disk covered in fabric?
This was my quick fix for now.

I'm sure as I make them they'll have
little feet, hats, scarves etc. etc.

Hope you try one!


Debra said...

Yes, your comment did help-I guess I'm be-fuddled right now because I'm getting it all put together, and it takes so much time...I want to be painting/sewing/dreaming ideas, and I find I have to change something at my Etsy, or do emails(I love that, but, also-time!).So maybe you're right-I know I could walk away from this too, if He wants me to.
I am not used to being told my art is part of God's plan to use me. I think it's just not done that way in my church. I'm not blaming my church-I love it-the people there, everything about it-but there is more of an emphasis about doing 'people' things- and I think art might be on the bottom of the list. Especially since really, I am doing it now for my family-I want to make money. But I do want to honor God in this. Can I really reach someone this way? I don't know. I'd love to think so.

Your owls are just the cutest little guys. I can't wait to see them 'dressed up.'
Thank you again for your help. You always encourage me.
I maybe silent here a few days-got things to do, but I will be back. I love looking at your posts.
Love, Debra

Anonymous said...

They're so adorable my seamstress friend! ;-)

Debra, your talent is a gift from God and yes, you can make people happy with your gift. Don't hide it under a basket. Let the light of it shine! You'd be surprised! I know that Michelle and I both agree on this, that our God-given talent inspires people in so many positive ways.

Yes, you CAN reach people with your art. You never know when a lovely picture can brighten someone's day when they're feeling blue. It's not a selfish occupation at all. You can always make a little piece of art to include in a charitable basket of food to a poor family for instance. So many ways to do this in a way that helps others.


Michelle Palmer said...

It is a very stressful time when your working on the "business-side" of art~ it doesn't come natural to most of us "creative-types!" :) Keep a sketch book...put all those creative ideas, dreams etc. into a special place...they'll be there when you're ready. During deadlines God will give me the coolest, freshest ideas & I'm stuck. I HAVE to meet deadlines. So I put it in a journal & it waits. It takes the pressure's almost like you started it! ( brain keeps on adding to it & makes it even better~ than if I would have just jumped in & completed it.)

I had a very stressful STRONG Christian neighbor...she was 50 years older than me. Most of the neighborhood stayed clear of her & her "judgments" because they were opinionated & hurtful. She would come to my open house every year to just stand in the middle of the dining area & tell me that I needed to be doing something better with my time. She would put her cane bottom on a painting and tell me that I needed to serve. Pound the pavement for God. YEARS of this compounded with every other hurdle & people I cannot name...kept me under a rock for years!
We are blessed with TONS of Christian friends from EVERY denomination. They despised that I ever had guilt in what I do. They ALL embrace who I am & what I do. He gave this to you so that you would be different & SHINE your light for him...(YES, YES, YES Diane! Matt. 5:14 HIS words...) Who do you think this talent comes from? My neighbor would have never said that if I painted interior/exterior WALLS for a living. It was the fact that I was having fun. I was a new Christian...she would demand that a scripture be added to my painting. I couldn't do it. I needed to KNOW HIS WORD~ in my heart...before I could "cheaply" apply it for the sake of being "Christian-like"~~~ I was so afraid to write something down & have someone talk about the verse, or ask me why I chose it etc. etc. Now it comes natural. It comes from Him...with or without ALL comes from Him. If He would have called me to be a nurse, math teacher, dentist...He would have made me different.

Diane's words are WONDERFUL and TRUE. She said it in a much shorter note, too!

Several of the artists I have met through my agent & in this huge field of licensed artists are agents are! Tithe comes from income...that income reaches people I will NEVER be able to...

I can't put art at the bottom of my list...because God gave me this gift to share. I have done so many presentations, workshops, taught etc. ~ I get to praise Him to people who may never have stepped a foot inside a church.
I'm not being selfish.
I pray that I'm being the person God planned for me to be.

Big, big hugs...

Debra said...

Thank you Diane and Michelle-you've both done a great thing for me...I don't ever want to sound like I'm putting my church down because I'm really not. I think I feel guilty on my own for doing this sometimes. But I know that I know-God wants me right here.
I will need to make a copy of these comments, because I need to read them over and over.
I am very blessed to have you both as friends. Thank you so, so much. I'm so tired. Not at all used to these night hours. And I'm not sleeping as well as I usually do-just excited I think.
Well, enough of ME for a while. If you both get tired of me whining like a puppy, please let me know!!!
Love, Debra