Friday, October 17

Carved Stamps...

I've left the ink on my new carved stamps
so that you can see the detail & compare
the stamp to the images below~

I use all Speedball products for the carving.
I also use my Xacto knife with different tips.
They're sold at the local craft stores
near the fine arts area.

StazOn Inks are nice quality.
Smooth stamp pad & no bleeding.

Some of the tools...
I'll try to take photos of one in progress~

When I use black ink it's so easy to put
in all types of details...
I keep the stamp simple so it could
have more than one use & then detail in pen.

The little 60's icon & star~
I load the stamp once, then make a
second & third impression...
The carving material holds the ink just like
store bought stamps.

The square with the 3 leaves would look nice
as a corner design...can keep turning it~

Two different Speedball carving materials.
One is white (little crumbly, but easy to carve)
I prefer the takes a bit more effort,
but I love the sturdy results with fine details.

Now I have to go clean them!
I use the stamp cleaner you can purchase
anywhere you buy rubber stamps.

Hope you give this a try!
Be sure to click on Diane Knott's link~
she made a beautiful one yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, these are great!! I think this can become addicting. When we're able to get together, we should have a stamp-carving party!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Awesome! I may give it a try. Thanks for sharing your technique.