Friday, October 3

My Little Art World...

A snippet of my studio

Once a hobby...
I love to paint in watercolor!
(Sometimes adding a little detail or texture
with colored pencils...)

Be creative.
Be unique.



Anonymous said...

Michelle, I see I'm not the only one with a messy water color palette! ;-)

Neatness does NOT count when making art!

There are NO neatness police in our studios!


Michelle Palmer said...

TeeHee....they look pretty icky right now~ I've been into a lot of Tuscan colors & they all are deep, dark, heavy...Little Gloomy Gertrude~


I'll take some pix when I get going on my crafty "fun stuff!" I'm a maniac...when I bake, too! Flour, sugar...EVERYWHERE! In my my kids hair! Fun!


Debra said...

Thank you for the wonderful peek at your studio. I also peeked at Diane's work and LOVE it too. It's wonderful what you are both doing. I do shiver when I even think about using water color. I have some...and even a beautiful guache(sp?) set.
I think I have that book-that's the one with all the addresses, tips, info and so on.
Thanks for your encouragement and comments! It helps sooo much!
Love, Debra