Tuesday, October 14

Shells, Lighthouse...Fish...

Stamps to share!

Save them to your computer
and when just the right project pops up~
you'll have some extra "touches" to paste on.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, Cool!
Obviously, you know I save them too! You've got me beat though! ;-)

Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Diane!
Well...I'll just keep scanning & you'll have what I have!
I found some nifty letter art. It's new...I can't scan them because of copyright~ but as soon as I put them on some collage/tags etc. I'll be sure to point them out. They're stickers from Hobby Lobby. That store has the COOLEST collections. Vintage. Retro (but not funky, retro~) NICE quality, too! Have you ever been?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, the Craft Pudding site is adorable.
No Hobby Lobby near here. :-( Just Michael's and AC Moore.