Wednesday, October 15

Grand Daddy Inkwell & Other Finds...

Had LOADS of errands to run today...
With a $10. bill in my pocket, some extra change~
I made sure to stop by my favorite thrift stores!

I took some before shots...with the price markers,
I can't believe the price sometimes!
These are all in excellent condition, too~

The gold trim on this is near perfect...
So sweet!
Our girl claimed this one for her room~

I LOVE little ink wells...
You've seen them filled with Zinnias~
This is THE GRAND DADDY of inks!

It is dear~ for .$50 I found my
NEW favorite vase...
It has a pale, pale pinkish tint.

All cleaned up!
Treasures to share in Christmas baskets~

I'm pretty sure this is old...but looks new!
It has a blue stamp on the back that reads
Delft Blauw
Hand painted
Made in Holland
Has a crown over top of these words.

The creamer was the most expensive
at $1.29~
Still have $5.00 left...

Until you read the next blog...


Anonymous said...

Boy do I wish I lived near YOU! But if we went junking together we'd probably grab hold of the same things at the same time and have a good old-fashioned tug on them! ;-)

Love that tile! I found one the other day with a windmill on it! $8. So you got better bargains than I did!

Also love all the tags!


Michelle Palmer said...

Honestly Diane...the place is sooo packed full & changes daily...we could be "digging" right next to each other and BOTH come up with loads. I can't ever get over the quality & PRICES. If I had a shop or co-op spot...I would have finds on top of finds to share. Must behave!

There are antique dealers floating around this place as I'm searching...
I'm sure they make daily runs~
So if there are still "finds" after they're there...

Hope your day is fantastic!