Monday, October 20

Pumpkin Perches...

We had fabric scraps flying this weekend!
In my attempt to make a pumpkin~
This new owl seems to be sitting on a "tuffet"

Oh well...
It was fun making the "big guy" out of
sneezingly fun fabric!
Found these fantastic beads at Michaels
Jewelry? Hmmmm...owl eyes are more fun!


Debra said...

He's cute.
What else are you working on?
Are you as busy as I am??
Love, Debra

PS I'm going to Michael's tomorrow, to buy the paint I need for the marbelized paper project. I'll look for that stamping material there. I tried the link, and it kept goofing up on me. I'm sure I can find it though. Thanks!

Michelle Palmer said...

Working on deadlines...having a lot of fun with the project~ but dates are coming closer & I have several more pieces to complete for the collection.
I hope Michael's has the Speedball block. As I mentioned~ I like the pink...but if you can't find the pink~ be sure to try the white...just a bit crumbly...still great results...perfect for a first try, too.

What have you been working on?
I CAN'T WAIT to see your paper~
Take care~