Wednesday, October 8

Sweet Owl...

Have loved owls since I was a kid~

I do not decorate "in owl"
I do not have minis, paintings or figurines...
But this old little napkin ring was sweet
(and practically free!)

Our cats think it is a toy made
especially for them~
We have all napkin rings stored away
because of their playful whims...


Debra said...

Hi Michelle,
I love that owl-I've never seen a napkin ring that stands up like that.
Off topic-I am wishing I had an agent!! No-I know I'm not ready for that yet, or maybe I won't ever be-it's up to God...but I am tired, and not figuring out how to sell my stuff...I do feel like a needle in 10,000 haystacks! And that's probably about right. I have a good attitude-I know it doesn't sound it right now, but I really do. All along I've given Him this desire to make money with my art. So I am secure in Him, and that's the very best place to be.
We are not getting the hard frosts yet-the lake is only a mile or so from us-I guess that's why.
The "girls" are lovely-I so admire your work. It is refreshing to come here at the end of my day-it is good to have your empathy as far as art goes!
Love, Debra

Michelle Palmer said...

Debra~ I AM blessed to have an agent...VERY THANKFUL. Please know~ you're still a needle in a hay stack, and the stack is ENORMOUS!
I remember when I was in college... the professors would speak very little about agents because artists felt that was the only road to success. Today I will blog about my journey with my agent. You will see HIS hand...and the only way it would come to be.
If I were "starting out" today...(I know you're not new~) I would paint, paint, paint! Then I would find my favorite pieces & photograph them the best I could. Then I would paint more! Same cycle. Have you ever gone to art festivals & sold your work?
I did festivals/art shows etc. for nearly 10 years...had a booth with other artists at a co-op antique barn...WITH AN ANNUAL open house. Just me. (brought friends in later...) My open house (in our small ranch...transformed the studio & dining area into a STORE) It was always the 2nd week in November...WAS HUGE! (key time for gift giving) BEST SHOW & the money pulled us through the year. Usually nearly sold out. (Then another show...the following week at a school to sell what I had left.)
The way my open house was a success...the mailing list I developed from the art shows. I always had my show "ad" to hand out to people etc. Whenever a person bought a painting, gave them one...asked for their address. After 10 years of shows...selling 1,000's of paintings...I HAD ADDRESSES! Gave those flyers to local "antique & home stores" to put out~
I don't know anything about Etsy or Ebay...key words are huge in someone finding you. I did it the good old fashioned way. I brought my show things to shops... businesses LOVE local artists. That's not just "down the road"~ shops that are within 2-3 hour radius consider us "local"...

I hope that helps...
I will try to blog today about God's gift...He knew it was time & that I was ready. It is a full time job. It is times very challenging. I just finished a series...researched a subject I know NOTHING about for a week. Finally had the basics. Did four pieces. Not successfully. I have the worlds most fantastic agent...but if the spec work doesn't fit the manufacturer like a of the designs from the other 1,000's trying for the same opportunity will be selected.
(I'm thankful for my college training there. Pick up. Move on.)
Some artists can paint "only their favorite things" ~ that's not the world of licensing. It is a longer a hobby. I am a freelancer~ but instead of pounding the pavement by agents walk beside me.
Do hope that helps a little.
If you paint most of the day, will develop a style. That style that makes you unique~ is what the "buying world" might be looking for.

Hugs...It is a journey.