Tuesday, October 14


These were suppose to be in my last blog...


Debra said...

Those owls are about the cutest things I've ever seen!
I love the hats!I think you'll have a flock of them soon...in fact, I heard one of your owls last night!
I think it was the teenage owl, out on a hoot! (Ohh... poor joke!)

Love, Debra

Michelle Palmer said...

Debra~ You're so funny!
We had such a great time making them...glad you like'em.
I wish I had 40 made...because I have loads of ideas to dress'em up! It's that sitting still & sewing...drudgery~
If you can imagine...I'm going to try to cut a few out & while I'm riding my exercise bike...SEW! I don't like to sew. I REALLY don't like to exercise. So as long as I don't become so frustrated that I have a spasm on the machine...it just might work! Teehee~ I'll let'cha know!

Have a great night~

Debra said...

You must be very coordinated-sewing and bike riding-now that's a good combination!