Sunday, September 28

Tyvek Owl Project...

This is the backside of a stain on Tyvek

Two examples of Tyvek with ink coloring..
I just love the feathery texture!

These are the Tyvek envelopes
that I cut apart~

I took a full semester of resists, paper making,
batiks, silk dyeing etc. in college.
I remember SOME of it~
We didn't experiment with Tyvek.
(I wonder if it existed BACK THEN)

Tonight I decided to do a little experiment
with resists & this cool material.

I painted this owl for a spec project...
To make my experimenting a little faster
I decided to use him~

On the light table...saving time!

With the white acrylic ink applied...

Base coat of blue dye... texture!

Adding some watercolors...they don't seem
to saturate the paper well enough...
The permanent inks work better~

The finished Tyvek Owl.

He looks a bit washed out...
We'll find some use for him!


Debra said...

Hmmmm...I've never seen this technique-I do like the effect. Beautiful owl.
I love experimenting-thanks!

Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Debra~
It works much nicer (deeper/richer) on watercolor paper. I wanted a soft, night time look~ this is a bit TOO soft. :)
Thanks so much~