Tuesday, September 16

Wind Gifts...

These two sweet treasures
blew from their perches
with Ike's 60mph+ gusts.
A friend wondered where I
was going to store ONE MORE
birds nest.
:) There's always room!

Sunday was hot n' humid...high 80's.
Very odd for us to have that warm of a day
in mid September.
With fans all on high...87 degrees in the house~
the winds came in around midnight.
The wind was "above the trees."
We rarely felt air come in the windows.
It was a very scary night.
Power was gone within minutes.
If Ike was that fierce to us way up here
in Upstate New York...
I cannot imagine what folks in the
South experience during these storms.
We're keeping all of you in our prayers!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, we were without power too from 3 am until noon on Monday. It could have been worse, and was for so many people.

You're right! There's always room for one more bird's or bee's nest! ;-)



Michelle Palmer said...

I feel for the folks down south...4-6 weeks without power, water etc.~ I cannot imagine. It turns our lives upside down when we're out for a few days/week! Ice storms typically get us~ but this storm was odd...never even rained.

This bird nest was a sweet surprise found while raking our entire yard from storm damage.
:) Brought a smile & made the job less of a pout.