Thursday, September 25

Have a Heart...& Patience...

We are over run by chipmunks...

I've got stories on top of stories that would
keep the sternest of faces smiling for hours.
We purchased this Have-a-Heart cage
to safely capture and relocate them...
After 10 or so we stopped counting!
I think they find their way back home...
through the park, across the small creek,
up a very steep our back yard~

We think they're the dearest little critters~
They manage to clog EVERY air filter/intake
in our cars...until it smothers the engine...
Chew wires in the cars 'til they all
touch each other & light up the dashboard
idiot lights as though it were Christmas...
Get inside our cars and use the
glove box as a bathroom! (eeweee)
UN-wire the snowmobile trailer...
we only have some plastic remnants left~
Dig CITIES in our flower beds...
Tunnels that travel everywhere.
Not just an occasional hole~

They have gotten into the interior fan
of the car I'm driving while the tranny
is being replaced in my Jimmy...
I turned it on the other day~
to hear this horrible grinding sound~
pieces of chopped leaves blew into
our faces...out the vents!
I can't run it until hubby cleans it for
a second time~ for fear of fire.

Our friends have chipmunks around...
they don't do this to their cars...


We might have to stop feeding our birds~
I think the chipmunks have life pretty
good around here...hourly nourishment,
warm cars to nest in...
bird baths for fresh water...

They have the dearest little faces...
They're "STARS" in my children's books!
I simply wish they would live
outside our cars...


Debra said...

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your visit! I am adding your blog to my sidebar, so I can snoop here when I have more time. I just have to say that I love your art work. I have always wished I could do water color, but have stuck with acrylics-some straight out of the bottle! And I love to mix color-so I'm not sure where this habit has come from.
We both love M. Bastin. Do you like Janet Marsh and Sara Midda?
I've gone on too long-must get out to the 'real' world for a while! Hope you visit again.
Love, Debra

Debra said...

P.S. I think I have some of your rose dishes...a teapot and some cups and saucers.
Oh, and I'll keep our chipmunks from heading your way!

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

We don't have chipmunks, but we have their cousins, squirrels. Aside from digging in the flower beds, they don't do too much harm. Once, one was able to get in the attic, but we were able to get him out.