Friday, September 19

Vintage Papers...

Every now & again...the perfect finds!
Early in the summer we
discovered these at an antique
co-op...a pile of treasures
in a shallow cardboard box.

When we "journey" through
shops we look under, behind...inside

Some dealers have left-over
collections or a few scraps they
may have gotten in an auction lot.
They'll stick a low price on
just to move them...

Be sure to click on the photos
for a closer look!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, you know what's interesting to an artist's eye on these old lithographs? You can clearly see the pixels! How much technology has changed so that we can put thousands of them in such tiny spaces and get totally unbelievable clarity! But part of the charm of the old ones is the lack of crispness. Neat! Thanks for sharing all of these.


Michelle Palmer said...

I think that some of YOUR new "texture" images would be SO COOL in the little pixels! They have that soft vintage feel...
It's amazing that the older images "hold up" with the color spaced so far apart! It's fun to find the pixels patterns~ like tide waves...
swirls...thumb prints~

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Ephemera and bits of paper are one of my many weaknesses! You hit the jackpot. That ad for the mincemeat is a treasure for sure. Now, what will you do with those new treasures?

Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Nola~
The box contained a few little books (like the mincemeat one)~ those will stay as-is...the other pieces will find their way into creative scrapbooks, journals or tags/bookmarks. My biggest weakness is letting go of things made with these one-of-a-kind treasures. I love to share with friends...that way I can "still see them!" (Goofy, huh?)