Friday, September 19

Praying Mantis...

This is the largest Praying Mantis
I have seen in Upstate New York!
I'm sure there are larger ones
near wooded areas that wear jeans
and hiking boots~ tee hee...

I was cooking dinner & looked over...
There the little friend was!
(Perhaps it's one of those woodside
giant size ones~ it was looking for a
meat n' potatoes dinner!)

Now that the photo shoot is done~
I'll move PM to a safer location.
This is our Tippy-Boy's favorite window.
We wouldn't want his nail's ripping the
screen up any more than it already is!

Be happy!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I think they're supposed to be good luck!


Michelle Palmer said...

We need all we can get~
I found a heads-up penny yesterday, too! Maybe God is sharing little love notes telling us all will be better...