Wednesday, September 24

Pastures & Fences...

When I was young I lived next door to a
small dairy farm.
The day time pasture bordered
our lawn on two sides.
Some mornings I would wake to the
sound of hoof beats as the "girls" were on their
way to pasture through the morning mist.
Now & again it was a treat to
look out & see "Daisy"~
my dear friends horse...grazing along side
the girls. She was a beautiful horse~
blond with burnt sienna patches.
She looked like a city chic hanging with
all of the milk cows on the hill...
They all wore black n' white fur~

I love this cow pictured...
It's Daisy & The Girls all mixed into one~


Anonymous said...

Michelle, was this picture taken at Sturbridge Village? It looks exactly like a photo I took of a cow in a stone-walled pen there!


Michelle Palmer said...

It's either Sturbridge or Genesee Country~ More likely Sturbridge...I don't think GCV has that heavy of stone walls~
I just love the photo...such a sweet face! Have several~ little friend LOVED having a photo-shoot!

We think alike!