Tuesday, September 2

Roadside Chicory...

So often~ the things I find most beautiful are part of our daily life.
Today the sky was the same color as the Wild Chicory lining the country roads.
Beautifully scented orchard breezes...
Gold Finch beginning to change from brilliant gold & yellow to muted greens.
And our daughter...walking through the door with a (rare) woodpecker feather in her hand...and her sweet, sweet smile!
"Mum! Look what I found for you~"

Wishing you treasures...


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

You are right, it's the little moments that make life memorable.
Changing the subject, but about those Monarchs. I see on your profile that you are in the Northeast. Do me a favor, and post when you notice the monarchs have begun to leave. I'd like to note when they begin migrating south, and I'll post when I see them here in Texas (I am just south of Dallas). I'm not a good photographer (yet), but I plan on trying to get some photos as they migrate south.
Thanks, Nola

Michelle Palmer said...

I'll let you know~
I'm very surprised to still see the little ones on the milkweed leaves! I've wanted to cut down some plants that are "fading" & falling over~ but with so many butterflies dancing about *sigh*
Nights are very chilly...shouldn't be long now~

Anonymous said...

Michelle, is that a tree toad? What a cute little thing!