Monday, September 22

Brown Mouse n' Friends...

I just adore owls!

Trying to organize the studio...

Taking a lunch break to share these
adorable cards my daughter found
at a tag sale when she was wee little.

Finding small things bring
back great memories & make
the job a bit more fun!


Anonymous said...

Finds! Wonderful finds! Both the cards and the pretty sugar bowl! YOU are the QUEEN of The Finds!!!

Someday I'm going to follow you around to see all these neat places you go to find these things, Michelle!


Michelle Palmer said...

Anytime! We would have the most wonderful time going from shop to thrift to antique...we truly should make a day and plan it!
Brought hubby to a (semi-icky) thrift shop last week...he seemed so uncomfortable at first...til' he found a man-treasure!
I have a few more images/designs to get painted before I can "play"...wait til' you see some of the fun projects and CHEAP...DIRT CHEAP pieces I found~ Christmas will be fun! Haven't had a home made Christmas in years. Simply running out of ideas for artist-made is the plan.
Thanks for your're a gem!

Michelle Palmer said...

"man-treasure" sounded was an old scale for helping with postage. (boring...) LOL