Tuesday, September 9

Shoe Shine...

Several months ago I was in Seneca Falls visiting Sherry's Bear...a wonderful little frame shop~ filled with neat antique treasures and Sherry's hand made mohair teddy bears. (She has loads of Michelle Palmer framed prints~ does a gorgeous job!) After spending part of the day around the neat historic town, we took a skip over to Waterloo...where we had to stop at Nugent Hardware Store. Floor to ceiling finds! Tucked in a corner...covered with some antique crates...this shoe shine! It had a worn n' torn fabric covering...with a little bit of TLC~ some scraps n' polish, I thought this would make a great footstool in our living room. It was fun to reupholster...but is too tall for a footstool. When our "in-house" bass guitarist needs to keep a leg up~ it works perfect!
We're still on the search for the stylish...& ADORABLE...footstool.

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Anonymous said...

OK, girl, we've seen the "before" pics...where are the all-polished-up afters? ;-)