Saturday, September 20

Hidden Friends...

Look who almost got a hair cut when
I was trimming back some perennials!
Silly little friend startled me
and I startled it right back~

"I survived the 1st frost!"

"So did I"

Had our first light frost Thursday night...
Most of the flowers are still standing!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Those snapdragons are pretty hardy. We didn't have a severe winter last year, but my snapdragons and verbena bloomed through all the frost and even the few freezes we had! I was pleasantly surprised.

Michelle Palmer said...

That's amazing!
It's hard for me to picture Texas with "cooler" weather...what is winter like for you folks? Is it similar to Florida?
Today I had to pull out most of two flower beds...all veggies are out & I was able to trim back the perennials~ our summer/growing season seems to go so quickly~
Only 4 more flower beds to go...
I try to get one done each week.
The frost has calmed down the ragweed & goldenrod...that will help the allergy suffers~

Thanks for your note!

tlc illustration said...

What a lovely blog you have. I miss north-eastern toads(used to live in Pennsylvania. My sisters still live back east). I think we are too dry here in the summers, for all of Seattle's reputation for rain.

Thanks for visiting mine.