Wednesday, December 10

Winter Friends...

Winter birds seem to be stopping by in Holiday groups!

Each of them cheery & feeding fast & furious
before the next arctic blast!
Sweet, sweet friends~ sitting still long enough
for a few Christmas portraits...
All puffed up on branches~
Waiting for the squirrels to leave the feeder!
I help the gray friends along with a shout...
The birds hop down to the ground & clean their mess!

A small bit from one of my watercolors...
Blue Jay's are so bright against the snow!

Wishing each of you wonderful~


Anonymous said...

Michelle, the Blue Jays DO make a mess, don't they! But they're actually helping the ground feeding birds! All in the "community spirit"! LOL!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your blue jay is beautiful. What a lovely picture. Twyla

KatCollects said...

Hi Michelle,
I paged down through your blog and this blue jay instantly caught my attention. BEAUTIFUL! I believe bluejays are a sign from God and my Dad that he is with me, I have since a few days after my Dad died. They show up at some of my lowest and hardest and happiest times, a message for sure : * )