Sunday, December 28

Gifts Given...

Needle Felted
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Copyright Michelle Palmer

Now that we have shared our gifts~
I can share a peek with you!

My father-in-law dearly loves these sweet pups...
So after several hours of pushing, pulling, adding~
This was one of his Christmas gifts from us.

Little leather collar...tag reads, "Made with Love"

Bunny Pin Cushion
Copyright Michelle Palmer

For my sister-in-law...
She loves fairies~ maybe next year I'll try one!

Wool n' Roses
Copyright Michelle Palmer

For my mother-in-law...
this is the pattern on her fine china.

We have been thinking about an Etsy store...
Little felted friends, art prints...oh the possibilities!

Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday~


Anonymous said...

Michelle, they're so sweet!
I'll answer your email in the morning!
The cat just reminded me that it's after 11 pm! She schedules our lives for us! I swear she can tell time!


KatCollects said...

Oh I love the bunny pin cushion, so sweet. I hope you had a beautiful Christmas.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Michelle...these little creations are just BEAUTIFUL!!! You are wonderful at this! I've been wanting to try felting for so long and finally broke down and bought a few supplies ~ we'll see! Wishing you a wonderful new year's week!! xxoo, Dawn

kate said...

please please start an esty store
so i can buy the wooly sheep pincushion and holiday cardinal

Holly Knott said...

The corgi is amazing. Great work!!