Tuesday, December 2

Sweet Vintage Christmas...

From time to time I find a vintage
Christmas ornament or two...

Still to bring out & share...
I have a collection of antique
pieces that were my mom & dads,
some were from aunts...found a few in
lot boxes from auctions!
Nothing of huge value...but irreplaceable~

These sweet, tiny ones have come from
SEVERAL shops nearby...
When I'm out running errands~
I take two seconds to pop in & check what's new~

This weekend we found a ziplock baggie
with 12 one inch pinks & reds...all for $1.80!

Such treasures...
I love that they have been saved &
not tossed out in exchange for new.


Wanda said...

Michelle, hi a first time visitor. I really like your wool felted animals, especially the little birdie. Wool felting is one craft I havn't got into yet, but I like what can be done with it. Happy felting.TTFN

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I just cringe when I think of how many of those treasures have been tossed out! I love them for their age and memories.

KatCollects said...

Hi Michelle,
I love vintage ornaments. I remember when I was a child that each of us kids (brother, sister, and myself) had our own little trees in our rooms. We had alot of those little glass bulbs in such beautiful tones. I so wish I knew where they went. I am LOVING your new creations especially the bunny, you knew that didn't you : ) You have such amazing talent. I am starting to write on the beautiful Christmas cards you sent me, love them. I hope you are doing well.

windlewood said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Michelle!
The project I'm working on with Diane's print has felted polka dots on a stocking! I LOVE felting!!! And speaking of...your little felted creations are wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you always find the BEST things! One day you and me and Holly will have to meet up and go junking!