Tuesday, December 30

Pampered Puppy...

Dashing in for a treat!
Wags n' bum wiggles for Grandma & Grandpa!

Something cozy for kitty paws & check out
this FANTASTIC elevated feeder for my pup!

She won't look at me here
because I put her in a stay position!
pout. pout.
Mum and her #$%&@#$ camera!!!

"I've had it...got my treat...want a nap."

This is going to help her eat.
The meds that they have her on for
her hips & back are working fantastic.
We knew when we adopted her that she had
some physical issues brewing~
She will be 7 in March!

Such a sweetie~


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Michelle. Beautiful dog. What breed is she?
Thanks for your condolences for my mother. It's never easy losing a loved one, but knowing that it was coming helped ease it a bit, I suppose.
Take care and Happy New Year

Jan and Tom said...

Oh, Michelle...too cute!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Where's the candles? ;-) And tablecloth and napkins?

Hugs! Diane

kate said...

hi michelle,
i love your holiday cardinal!! i dont know why i love cardinals so much this year but i do!!! happy new year.
please visit our blog
thanks again