Friday, December 19

Make The Old, New Again...

Inexpensive stockings for a garland...

Found these old metal ornaments
at a thrift shop for $.15 each

Some felt stockings on sale from JoAnn's

When choosing the metal pieces~
Make sure you will be able to recognize
the design/shape once they are all one color
without the etching details.

This paint from Plaid is very thick and covers well.
Outdoor Opaque

One or two coats...

After the white paint is completely dry,
Spray will clear sealer & let dry.

Add a coat of thin glue...
Thick glues might fill in the fine details~
Sprinkle with a favorite glitter.
I like glitter dust for projects like these.

Don't they look like new?

They look pretty as ornaments...
Very pretty package toppers...
Hanging in the windows with fishing line...
(Our cats think so, too!)
(Pretty sure all three furry friends
have made Santa's naughty list!)

I put the ornaments on the red stockings.
I'll stitch them on & make a swag~
Maybe add a page of music or
tuck a vintage postcard inside the stocking.

We're up to 8" in this winter blast...
It is so pretty outside!


KatCollects said...

Hi Michelle,
I love that every time I come here you have another pretty idea to make. I love the stockings and the card holder. I blogged about your gifts to me finally tonight, I have been so far behind. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Charmingdesigns said...

Those are just fabulous...what glue do you use for your paper tags? Laurie

Michelle Palmer said...

I'm so glad you come to visit! :)

I use Avery glue sticks. Can find them at Staples/Office Max...not sure about craft stores. In a pinch I use Elmer's glue sticks. Best time to stock up is in September...Back to School bargains~

windlewood said...

Hi Michelle!
Thanks for dropping in...fabulous project you have put together here!
Have a wonderful holiday, Michelle...Lenae


Love it...excellent idea...gosh I love paint and glitter!