Monday, December 22

Portrait Traditions...

My 1st Christmas portrait...

I LOVE to receive Christmas cards with
portraits & snapshots tucked inside...
Our refrigerator looks like a scrapbook!

We haven't put photos of our children
in our cards the past few years...
Sometimes we design a letter that has
a few snapshots of them~

Hubby, Kids & I started a new tradition
four or five years ago~
We send Valentine cards to elderly
friends and family...or those who are
alone for one reason or another,
with a snapshot of the kids inside~
(Sometimes we get daring & share a pic
with the kids, hubby & I...tee hee)

Our Valentine list is 90-100 people
shorter than our Christmas list.
So we try to make home made cards...
We all sign them & write a favorite memory.

Never really heard from folks if they
liked the Christmas photos that were so costly...
We almost ALWAYS get a
phone call, hug or sweet note after
Valentine's Day~
The cards make their day!
For many of them,
it's the only Valentine they receive.

This Christmas season seemed to
come up fast on a lot of us this year!
If you didn't get cards out...
Send one on Valentine's Day~
It will be a VERY SWEET surprise!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea, Michelle.

You haven't changed a bit! ;-) I knew that was you! Same big eyes, same sweet smile. :-)


Michelle Palmer said...

Thanks Diane~ some how the chubby cheeks look sooo much cuter when you're a baby! (giggle)

acornmoon said...

That's such a lovely idea!

I am sending you my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. I hope it brings you lots of good things!