Friday, December 5

Painted Sky...

The morning sky has been GORGEOUS
the past few days...

Had to share!


WhiteStone said...

In the upper midwest, a red sky at night is almost a definite sign of a sunny day tomorrow. A morning red is indicative of a weather change for the worse. While the red sunset is a very accurate forecast, the morning red is not quite as sure. Sometimes a storm rolls in a couple days later, but not always. Still, I love the wonderful display of color!!

cindy said...

Just gorgeous!



Hello Michelle,
THANK you for the Christmas card and all the fun little treasures.Love the buttons and vintage items. I sent your card out today. Nice photos of the sky. I'll be back to visit more often. It's cool that you are a card designer:) I feel important that I have a couple cards of yours.
Christmas JOY to You.

Debra said...

Hello my NY friend!

I love peeking at your eBay fuzzie wuzzies-they all make me smile.
I expect you will be writing books about needle felting one of these days!

Your treasures are so lovely...I so want to visit some of the shops in Waterloo and others you've mentioned.

The sky has been so beautiful. It's hard for me to look at anything else when I'm outside.
Love, Debra