Sunday, December 21

Something's There!

This is how we spend most of our winter walks.
How does she not get snow up her nose?

I'll make a path Momma!
You just keep up~

Something's in there, too!

Something...something! Awwh! Lost it!

Shaking the snow off...

Begging for a treat!

We're enjoying these winter blasts!
Up to 14" now...another 8-10" expected today...

We can do more than dream of a white Christmas~


KatCollects said...

Oh my gosh, she is so cute! Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures. It is snowing here today too, we have a few inches on the ground, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I hope you gave her a treat! How can you say NO when something looks at you like that! LOL!

XXOO Diane


I love the last photo of your little girl:) Too cute and I thought she looked disappointed that she didn't find what she was looking for. Jackson Brown comes inside with snow on his nose too. He is my busy child and was naughty again...
Merry Christmas.

Holly Knott said...

What a cutie! I love the last shot of her big nose! There's a line of greeting cards I've seen where they emphasize the animal's noses and they're just so adorable. More snow coming here today, too - 4-12". Yikes!

Debra said...

I'm glad you caught the beautiful snow with your dog loving it! Wonderful pictures!
Love, Debra

Michelle Palmer said...

Thanks so much for your nice notes...she did get her treat! With a face like that~
She's my little pal...I don't go too far that she isn't up and following. Has a cozy bed in my studio~ we trip over each other...share glitter n' fur...but friends through n' through.