Monday, February 2

Sweet Bluebirds...

I just finished a collection of needle felted
Bluebirds...they'll be in my Etsy shop~
This SWEET little
blue glass dish is a treasure~
Not sure what it may have been used for...
It has the same feel as milk glass.

I found a few small boxes stored away...
Discovered a few antique treasures that were on
our shelves, windowsills, desks...etc.~
They'll make GREAT homes for a few new
needle felts...but must work on finishing several
watercolors I've started!
Never easy to start something new~
While stacks of wonderful
watercolor designs sit waiting!

A nasty cold has stopped by...
Fever meds., cough suppressants, chicken soup
and chic flicks seem to keep patients comfy.

When sweet ones are home,
I make the TV room into a temporary studio~
We keep each other company...
and I don't tend to make as much of a mess!

Hope you like my new Spring birds!
Not rushing time away...
Just the SNOW!


Marcia said...

Michelle, The little Bluebirds are just sooooo sweet. Your work is so beautiful and full of sweetness. I just love looking at all the things you do.
Hugs, Marcia

madrekarin said...

Adorable!!! Those bluebirds are so sweet. My goodness, your talents know no bounds!

southerninspiration said...

Oh, are very, very talented. I hopped over from New Day, New Season to see what your calendar looked like......oh, it's simply beautiful!!


KatCollects said...

Hi Michelle,
All of your bluebirds are the sweetest. I love all of your creations. I hope you are having a good week.