Saturday, January 31

Memories and Joy...

Sweet "Dolly" at the Birdbath
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

I've been finishing up a few needle felts
this afternoon...somewhere in between
Jr./Sr. All-County Chorus concerts...
(Our son had a percussion solo!)
and dropping our daughter off for a high school
field trip into the city to enjoy an evening
concert...Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra~

:) Can you bottle joy?
I'm so thankful they have "art" in them...
Musical, artistic, patriotic and
most importantly...they believe in Christ,
they hold Him in their hearts!

Cup of Strawberry
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Could just eat this one up!

"Flower for Momma
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Remember when they were little...
Sweet kissable hands...tiny little fingers...
Wee rings around their chubby wrists...
Handing you a blossom top!
"Momma...a flower for you~"
We tried our best to keep their flower gifts alive
by floating them in a bowl of water...

Tonight is a journal night...
Must remember sweet concert moments~

Wishing you joy, dear friends!



Hi Michelle,
I must have little DOLLY BIRD...
Please email me so I can buy her.
I can send a MO or personal check. Please let me know...Thank you for making such a sweet little birdie:)


Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness gracious!!! That little birdie is sooooo adorable!! Laurie

So blessed! said...

Such lovely work. Precious lil birdie!

tam said...

Oh my that is the cutest lil felt birdie! All of your felt work is beautiful!!! Smiles~Tam!