Thursday, January 29

Topiary Needle Felt Original...

Bunny & Blue Bird Topiary

Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

A new needle felt available from
my Etsy shop...
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Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Diane Knott
Tagged me!
You must stop by her blog & see all the fun
this amazing artist has~
Seven things to list...
Hmmmmm these will be about our winter!

1. I've had a shovel in my hand for 2 months.
2. The only time I put my shovel down is
to paint, felt, cook or sleep!
3. The doors on the SUV were frozen
shut this morning...we had to body
slam the truck to get in & get the
kids to school on time!
4. The kitchen broom works as a
GREAT snowbrush for us short people.
(yes, that much snow)
5. We have snowmobile trails throughout
our back yard so I can walk our pup!
6. The cats love walking on the window sills
trying to catch snowflakes...
7. I determine my exercise routine
based on the weather report!
Not sure who to tag...if you would like to
leave 7 funny, quirky things~
Let me know! Would love to visit & read them~

Thanks Diane!
Hope you all have a warm, cozy...snow-free day!


KatCollects said...

Oh my gosh Michelle, he is SWEET!!! I love the bunny : ) Your creations are the best!

judicreations said...

Hi there
The barn swallows are just lovely..and so are the cute felting animals you've made. You did such a great job with Toby and his acorn.
YOur blog is so lovely...come by and visit also.
have a great day

tam said...

What a fun lil project-soo cute-great job!miles~Tam! ~S