Sunday, January 18

Needle Felted Winter Bloom...

Wee tiny Lily of the Valley cup brimming with color!

Mauve Flower
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer
100% wool

I love living up north...
Each season is beautiful & treasured...

By the end of January the cold begins to intensify
and it isn't as easy for me to LIKE winter.

So I just have to make a little SPRING!


WhiteStone said...

I just simply Have to get some felting needles...this looks like so much fun!

Charmingdesigns said...

I'm thinking you like those colors..look how well it goes the the previous post! It is just lovely. I love curls! Laurie

Barb said...

Just found you via Laurie's charming designs.
That little felted wool nest on her spoon is adorable.
Love the big nature colored ones here!!


Barbara Jean

KatCollects said...

Hi Michelle,
The flower is so sweet. I watched Miss Potter last night and loved it. Yes I needed kleenex, but it was so charming and inspiring. I am so glad you mentioned the movie or I would never have seen it.