Thursday, January 1

You Know What This Means...

Tucked in one of my Christmas bags... my mother-in-law's handwriting!

More kitty whiskers!

You know what this means?

Mounds of felted critters with real whiskers!

Look at the two wee black ones...
There's a momma & baby in the making~

She's such a dear for saving them!

We've been kitty-sitting for a friend...
THREE WEEKS worth of collecting whiskers
from her forest green kitchen floor mats!
They've shared 3 so far!!

Happy New Year friends!

I know you're true friends if after reading a
3rd blog about whiskers you keep coming back!


Wish on a Whisker said...

The sweetest thing I have ever seen! ~Mandy

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Oh I think the fact you are saving them for crafting is a hoot. My kitty whiskers just get trashed. Should I save them for you? They are black.

Love your artwork and your blog.

Anonymous said...

Toooo cute!

Melissa Wertz said...

I never remember my kitties losing whiskers. LOL! Happy New Year Michelle!

tlc illustration said...

What a great use for discarded whiskers. (They are so lovely and thick on the one end, I've always thought they ought to be good for something!)

The best of new year's wishes to you!

Holly Knott said...

"No cats were harmed during the making of these critters."

I love it! I find layers of claws, too, on the floor!

acornmoon said...

That's what I call eco recycling!

Wishing you an inspirational New Year!