Friday, January 2

New Year Recovery...

Sound asleep...where ever her head falls...she stays!
We could hear her purring~
So we knew she was breathing!

We, the people, do not look as tattered as our cats!
Some wild New Year celebration
they must have gone to~
Perhaps a bit too much cat nip...

Too cool for the kitty beds on New Years day...

Miss Maddie sunning herself~
We have very few sunny days this time of year...
She takes what she can get.
She puts her head right up into the lamp!
Going to burn those precious whiskers! tee hee...

Hope 2009 is off to a great start for you!


Beth L said...

Hi Michelle...I had so much fun reading your interview on Di's blog (isn't it funny how similar we all are deep down, when it comes to our motivation and creativity?!) and even more fun browsing through here!
I'm in love with your funny, my own Flossie is rarely happier than when her face is buried inside a freshly-removed boot or shoe.
And your felted little treasures are absolutely precious, I have a huge smile thinking that loved ones are saving real whiskers for you...that is real love, and I have to admit that somehow I feel a little bit less crazy myself, knowing others do things like this too LOL!
Happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I just love kitty pictures!
I wonder what it is about cats sticking their noses into lamps? Ours does that too. They sleep anywhere. They sit on the floor facing a corner like they're being punished. They just don't have "people restrictions" about their behavior at all! Seems like a good plan to me! ;-)
You're really doing to town with the felting! Do they pull apart if you yank on them?

Wish on a Whisker said...

~Such priceless kitty pictures! Love them!~ Mandy

Holly Knott said...

LOL! Love those shoes. She sure partied a lot in Kittyland! Love those pics.